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Blockchain Summit: Blockchain, technology of the future | Event recap

This Tuesday, 23.03.2018,  Sacret-life organized Blockchain Summit with blockchain experts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The main focus of the event was bringing blockchain technology closer to consumers and potential new investors. Covering Blockchain technology, potential AI implementation, future and changes in the financial industry and how to spot opportunities in the crypto market.


The beginning with Andrej Zalokar

Andrej Zalokar started the Blockchain Summit with a greeting and announcement of the first speaker, representing, Mitja Glavnik. Being risk manager for the platform, he concentrated on the investment side of things. Which included how to read crypto charts, mistakes average investor makes, potential threats at investing in ICOs. He was happy to see governments taking things seriously with increasing regulation, and making the environment safer for all involved. With that also comes taxation, with which regulatory bodies have difficulty to define under which asset cryptocurrencies fall since it has functions of multiple different assets combined. However, with all the threats and dangers surrounding cryptocurrency, has the most room to grow, improve and bring value to businesses who implement it and people who invest in it.

Mitja Vezovišek 

Following him on the microphone was Mitja Vezovišek, Co-founder, and CEO of MoneyRebel. Explaining the way some funds work when investing in startup companies. How they make due diligence of the startups and success rate of the method. Basically, if you are not investment expert it’s riskier for you to manage it than an expert. He stated that money is not a good asset to have. Bringing in the spreadsheet with some financial parameters. Security, profitability, volatility, and liquidity. With those parameters overall money being riskier than cryptocurrencies. At least the one on the top 5 list. Liquidity as a turning factor, because with  24/7  open exchanges.

Nataša Kozlevčar

Next in line was Nataša Kozlevčar, Co-founder and CRO of MoneyRebel. Presenting new investment platform for cryptocurrencies, MoneyRebel. One of the biggest problems for an average person to be the lack of knowledge in finance and investing. This usually results in money loss and stress about the financial condition which is supposed to be around 72%. Next on the ”menu” was trends and PSD2 directive. After it will be possible to link accounts from different banks and manage it on one platform. Later she presented the team, roadmap and competition advantages of MoneyRebel. Which when all comes to fruition will definitely be a desirable option.

Siniša Dagary

Last but not least of the speakers at the Blockchain Summit was event organizer Siniša Dagary. He explained blockchain in detail and in concept ideas. Bitcoin with the rest of cryptocurrencies and project tokens are just one of the possible applications of blockchain technologies. To help broaden the attendees perspective, especially of those who are not very familiar with Blockchain. He highlighted just some of the practical examples that can be vastly improved with switching to blockchain technologies. Administration, bookkeeping, banking, voting, data storage. The blockchain is interesting for its fast exchange of information and their provability which for now, none have successfully altered.


Blockchain, technology of the future in Ljubljana: round table (from left to right: Mitja Vezovišek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevčar, Siniša Dagary)
Blockchain, technology of the future in Ljubljana: round table (from left to right: Mitja Vezovišek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevčar, Siniša Dagary)

Saving the best for last, open talk was scheduled for the ending of the event. Which beautifully tied together all the topics and was a great chance to hear answers to other questions which were potentially left unanswered in the speeches before. Participating in the open talk were from left to right Mitja Vezovišek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevčar, Siniša Dagary.

With that came the end of the Blockchain Summit. Well balanced and informative event especially for potential investors and crypto enthusiasts.

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