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Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

[table id=6 /]

1983.png (32×32)VIBE (VIBE)  47,38%

The most likely explanation for the price increase is their 
announcement that they signed a multi-million dollar deal.

We asked for comment on their telegram channel, however we only 
received responses from other users saying that the main reasons
 for the price jump will start coming out from tomorrow on and could
 push the price even higher. This drip feeding of information via 
Twitter seems like an attempt to create as much hype as possible 
and is essentially market manipulation, with intention of pumping up 
the price of their token as much as possible. We've seen this before 
with VIBE back on 10th January 2018 when the price went
 form $0.44 to $2.70 (+600%) in just 10 hours.

2451.png (32×32)Pundi X (PXS) 41,61%

The price jump might be correlated with Bibox
is closing PSX trades. Their statement:
We will be closed until the swap happens. After then they will open for new tokens.
Some token swap info:
Ratio: 1: 1000
Time: 16:00 GMT+8 on 20th March 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)
Address to send PXS to: To be available on March 20th.
Deadline: 23:59 GMT+8 on 20th September 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)

1759.png (32×32)Status (SNT) 41,16%

SNT is the leading rising currency today on BITFINEX

85% of it comes from UPBIT (China)

2559.png (32×32)Cube (AUTO) 44,90%


2544.png (32×32)Nucleus Vision 

This bounty might be the reason for the price jump, 
but be careful when someone is asking you to
 send them tokens on their address, this could very well be a scam.



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