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Unveiling of the First Bitcoin Monument in Slovenia | Event recap

Yesterday, 13th March, we were in Kranj at the unveiling of the first Blockchain monument in the world. The event drew a decent crowd of locals as well as journalists and crypto enthusiast from all over the world. The monument was completely financed by two local crypto companies. The first one is one of the longest standing crypto exchanges in the world, Bitstamp and other is a design company focused on digital craftsmanship 3fs. 

The Unveiling of the Blockchain monument started with the mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar explaining how the idea for the monument came about. The new roundabout needed a theme and the idea for the Blockchain monument, came from a public vote.

The Mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar
The Mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar giving the opening speech.

Kranj is proud to be the hometown of many crypto projects, including the first crypto exchange in the world Bitstamp. The municipality is also investing in developing young talents, entrepreneurs, co-working projects and many other related projects. All that puts Kranj on the map for Fintech and other high technology companies.

Once the Blockchain theme for the roundabout was announced, the two companies mentioned above contacted the mayor and offered a donation to fund the construction of the monument. Mayor humorously said that he was pleasantly surprised as this was the first time during his mandate that the municipality was offered money as opposed to being asked for money. With that and appreciation to the companies and people of Kranj, he ended his speech.

Following him was State Secretary of Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik. Mr Slapnik presented the steps that current Slovenian government is taking in relation to blockchain technology development and adoption.

State Secretary Tadej Slapnik
State Secretary of Slovenia Tadej Slapnik giving his speech.

He stated that many Slovenian companies are closely involved in many global crypto projects and the government strongly supports the development and innovation of the blockchain technologies. This is also the main goal. To be the destination of choice for blockchain companies in the European Union. This is the reason why Slovenia is spearheading the development of the necessary legal environment and supportive infrastructure.

Last on the stage was the president of Slovenian Bitcoin Society Jure Pirc.

President of Slovenian Bitcoin Association Jure Pirc
President of Slovenian Bitcoin Society Jure Pirc inspiring the crowd.

His message to the gathered media and the crowd was to see this monument as a beacon of hope for the future of Blockchain. He suggested to anyone who might need some inspiration with their blockchain project to visit Kranj and drive a few laps around this roundabout to refill their batteries.

Then it was time for the official unveiling which involved releasing balloons and an impressive drums solo by a talented local drummer.

Opening of the Blockchain monument in Kranj.
Opening of the Blockchain monument in Kranj.

That was not the end of the day for 2100NEWS though as we had arranged and exclusive interview with the mayor, which is currently in editing and will be published soon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news.

2100NEWS exclusive interview with mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar
2100NEWS exclusive interview with mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar

Our exclusive interview with Mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar

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