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The controversial owner of Bitcointalk, an anon named ‘Cobra Bitcoin’ is changing his mind about Bitcoin cash

The controversial owner of the web portal and Bitcointalk is an anon named ‘Cobra Bitcoin’. He has been a popular subject within the cryptocurrency community lately for changing his mind about BCH. It’s strange that a person who nobody really knows has so much control within the BTC community. Lately his messages have been very controversial, even making some believe his accounts have been compromised.

Recently, Cobra started a Twitter account and Medium blog that allow him to be a lot more vocal towards specific issues within the bitcoin community. He has written many times that mining entities centralized bitcoin, explicitly talking about Jihan Wu and Bitmain. The co-owner suggests an immediate change to the PoW algorithm as a solution. Back in November of 2017, he hated bitcoin cash. He said one developer and two other men cetralized it.



Cobra appears to have switched sides entirely by supporting bitcoin cash. He now says the digital asset has a much better chance of competing against the Lightning Network (LN) strategy.

He Twitted:

Increased my holdings of Bitcoin Cash today. There was a long need for a blockchain good for payments, that makes certain tradeoffs to achieve that, and I think from a UX point of view, Bitcoin Cash has much better chances of winning the upcoming payments war than LN.

It’s Hard to Trust a Snake many Core supporters are very sceptical of Cobra’s actions lately, as he doesn’t seem to be supporting their ideological battle as he did in the past. Some Core proponents believe that Cobra’s Twitter handle or identity, in general, has been compromised. Furthermore, bitcoin cash supporters also don’t know what to think of this anon character. He used to hate BCH but is now suddenly stocking up his BCH holdings. Whatever the case may be, Cobra has a lot of power at his fingertips. That’s why changing his mind like the weather is not a good thing for the crypto community.


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