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Multifunctional Blockchain Platform Paymon is lunching an ICO

Paymon is a Multifunctional Blockchain Platform that includes several innovative products, such as Atomic swaps, Smart contracts, DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph,
which is a better, improved version of the Blockchain (IOTA uses it)) called Hive. The main idea of the Hive is the following: to issue a transaction, users must work to approve other transactions. Therefore, users who issue a transaction are contributing to the network’s security. Simply, this means no miners and no high fees, in fact no fees at all.

The Paymon Team developed a blockchain messenger in which you can keep cryptocurrencies, exchange them with your friends, add them and withdraw them. For now, only Bitcoin and Ethereum have been tested and are ready to be transferred.



Mobile payments are becoming a huge deal in China totaling 81 trillion yuan (S$16.7 trillion) for the first 10 months of 2017, nearly 40% more than the whole of the previous year as cashless transactions become increasingly popular in the country, official data showed.

This market has tremendous growth potential.


Token distribution

  • There will be a total of 1 Billion tokens, with 400 M tokens available in the first stage of an ICO, 250 M in the second and 200 M in the third stage.
  • The soft cap is set at $0.5M and the hard cap at $8.25 M.
  • 150M tokens will be reserved for Bounty participants, Paymon team, advisors and media partners.



Team and Roadmap

The project has some of the best ratings on ICO listing sites. The team is young, but that hasn’t been an issue for them at all, as they have already managed to secure $500 000 funds from FinShi Capital, which will advise them on the project as well. The roadmap is very well staged and scheduled and it looks like they are achieving their targets. They have a board of experienced advisors, which will help guide this project of the new economy forward.

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