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Cryptocurrencies trending on Shutterstock

Most cryptocurrency users will agree that the year 2017 was rather exceptional. We saw all markets grow in spectacular fashion, and the general public’s interest in Bitcoin and altcoins increased by leaps and bounds. As a result, it is not entirely surprising to see cryptocurrency being recognized as a trend on Shutterstock. Searches for “cryptocurrency” on the platform are up by 1,264% year-over-year.


During the final six months of 2017, everyone seemed to have an opinion on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We saw hundreds of media headlines regarding the topic. Not all of the news has been overly positive, but that is only to be expected. There are still a fair amount of misconceptions regarding cryptocurrency in the world today. Moreover, the general understanding of how this new form of money works also needs to be improved upon.

Even so, there has never been more interest in what cryptocurrency does and why it matters to people on the street. Even platforms such as Shutterstock which specialize in images, video, and vectors have seen an uptick in terms of cryptocurrency-related searches. According to Shutterstock’s blog, there were 1,264% more cryptocurrency-related searches on the platform. Last year than there had been in 2016. It is unclear if these numbers will continue to increase. But no one would be surprised if that is the case.

It is good to see mainstream platforms such as Shutterstock acknowledge that cryptocurrency is trending. They stand to benefit from offering stock images to people looking for related content. Finding creative commons images related to cryptocurrency has proven somewhat difficult. There are some options available, but the catalog pales in comparison to what specialized stock photo websites have to offer. It would not be surprising to see this gap widen even further in the coming months.

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