Fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain going International

Written by on January 19, 2018

fiat platform for P2P loansFiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain

Russian based firm Sofin is going international with ongoing ICO, fiat platform for P2P loans based on the blockchain. It is a marketplace-exchange that brings together creditors and borrowers: they issue loans in the fiat currency of the country where the borrower resides. This allows the currency  exchange through the SOFIN token if the creditor and the borrower are from different countries. The market dictates loan terms. Loans will be legally enforceable and all relevant documents will be generated in the jurisdiction of the borrower’s country. Each potential borrower must undergo a verification procedure based on the methodology developed and already successfully tested in their online-IFI.

fiat platform for P2P loans


Even if you don’t believe in crypto this blockchain solution will help you get your fiat loan to finish college or buy that new car you dreamt off since high school. The blockchain technology is coming in our day to day life if you like it or not. This project is building a bridge between new and old economy.

UPDATE:  MicroMoney Investment Director – Anton Dzyatkovsky, became Sofin’s advisor! You can find out more here.

fiat platform for P2P loans

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