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Syscoin – the sleeping giant in crypto space!

Syscoin is a sleeping giant which is on my radar since I joined the crypto space. Its parent company, Blockchain Foundry, just raised 3.3 million dollars through traditional venture capital funding (instead of an unregulated ICO) in December 2017 and is preparing to go public on the Toronto stock exchange in 2018. In contrast to many other crypto projects, Blockchain Foundry already has a functional public-beta product built on its blockchain. The team is humble hard working and consists of some of the brightest developers in the crypto world.

They already have working beta version of world’s first truly decentralized marketplace, named Blockmarket. It eliminates the need for an intermediary, ‘middleman’, for most cases of buying/selling products and services. The website version of its public beta is just about to be released in February. From January 16th, you can also use 20+ other cryptocurrencies on Blockmarket and exchange them directly for SYS without the need to visit and register on any crypto exchange websites. Syscoin and Blockmarket already support AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance with Syscoin Identities, so they comply with the highest standards of regulations.

Blockchain Foundry also offers blockchain solutions customized for existent and future business partners and is in partnership with Microsoft. This means that the evolution of the Syscoin platform is primarily driven by real-world demand; rather than just visions set beforehand. Even today, Syscoin is to be considered an innovative, multi-purpose, and truly decentralized blockchain solution being much more than a marketplace.

Syscoin offers an incredibly high throughput capability of around 300,000 Transactions per Second (TPS). This level of TPS enables an enormously high number of applications and services to run simultaneously on top of the SYS platform. For comparison, Ripple is capable of only ~1500+ TPS, while Visa’s absolute peak capacity is at around 56,000 TPS. Although Visa is set to run at no more than one-third of that value at all times.


Syscoin’s development involves an ongoing R&D process. In the upcoming months, two main industry-shaking innovations are expected to be released on the SYS platform. One of them is Z-DAG allowing 0-confirmation asset transfers along with a solution to the so-called double-spend problem. Besides the additional performance increase, the team is expected to release an optionally used privacy layer called ValueShuffel supposed to be “the most advanced privacy tech in any cryptocurrency”

The team is currently rebranding and updating their websites, which are expected to be released in March. They also plan to start an aggressive marketing campaign once Blockmarket Web is ready for the mainstream public.

My personal opinion is that Syscoin with its $465 million market cap is incredibly undervalued, compared to other projects with much less to show. Syscoin delivering industry-shaking new innovations, a breakthrough in transfer speeds, rebranding and marketing campaign; it is just a matter of months that this project gets incredible attention. And catches up with most of the highly valued ones in the crypto space. Once this happens, a $10 billion market cap (25x the current value os SYS ) moon will be just a begining, galaxies here we come!

*Disclaimer: This is not a trade advice, I am not a licensed advisor. This is my opinion only, I do hold SYS. And I’m gonna stack some more



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