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Interview with Datafund

Datafund was one of the teams that participated in playoffs. They are Slovenian team.

We can call their product “freedom of the mind”, their idea is to take control over personal data.
This project is about private and personal data. It allows companies or individuals to decide which kind of data about them is available to everyone. They would need your permission to post data about you or the company if you would disagree with that they would have to delete it. 
With this, you could take control of your own data. It quite scary what can we do with personal data, but people are not aware of that. Personal data is very powerful and has a value, with certain data they can manipulate with someone, especially with politics and celebrities.

This project is like:  you can use my data but under my permission. This is also very good for the companies because they would have better control over their data and it would also be cheaper for them to control it.


The launch of the program will be in May 2018.

They will have to overcome a few obstacles, the one is that people don’t really care about their privacy on the internet, the team would actually have to educate the masses. They would have to spread awareness. 

Grega explained this problem in a very simple way:

“If you invite someone to dinner in your house and he starts to open your drawers, you would be like what is he doing? But something similar is happening on the internet but nobody cares because it’s not visible”

The 2.nd problem is to develop safe space in a digital domain.  The 3.rd thing is that this is not a marketplace. They would exchange data under their permission.

What are your thoughts on this project? Leave us a comment below.

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