Team Members

  Mojca is company’s embedded sociologist and social and behavioural expert.  With a PhD in sociology and (apparently) a way with words, she helps with the human and non-expert aspect of the project and all things written – preferably for a conventional audience.     She is a marketing manager and works on communication with […]

Urban has got trading in his blood and is proudly carrying forward the family tradition to the new economy. He has been active in financial markets since 2010, trading cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities, indices and futures.  As an analytics expert, he was working for an investing company in Europe.  He is also an experienced writer […]

Media Advisor 30 Years of experience as a business and political advisor. In 1991 Dejan was the founding director of Slovenian national news agency (STA).

Media Advisor Vice President of Slovenian football federation. Business and communication wizard.A trained psychologist, he looked at the media business in advertising, clippings & media analysis, corporate publishing, events & sponsorship, media-buying, newsroom, corporate & strategic communication, and web & social media.

CEO at

Legal Advisor Chief Lawyer at

Aleksander has a degree in in social informatics.   He is a veteran of ICOs, having participated in the first one back in 2014. He has been involved in blockchain for the past 6 years, because game-changing projects in their fields always interest him. This is also the reason he spent part of his life […]

After finishing his degree in Criminal justice and Security, Nejc has been a cyberdeviance consultant at European Behavioral Studies Institute, followed by a year working on SEO and SEM marketing for a private project. As an expert in Cyberbullying, he has also published scientific articles on the subject Privately a sportsman and travelling enthusiast, his […]

2100Squawk Professional Forex Trader, 5+ Years of squawk experience

Indira is an economist with over 20 years of experience in financial analytics, ranging from financial markets analyses, analyses of business activities, controlling and company efficiency measurements and technologies. Always keeping a clear head and an eye to the detail, she is as cool as a cucumber under stress and does not let any influence […]

Anej brings his knowledge of economics, psychology and experience in working in functions as diverse as soldier, accountant, telemarketer and poker dealer to the project. He is 2100NEWS marketing manager of real time news, who takes a through-out and analytical approach to the new economy. In his  attitude, you can see knowledge of both micro- […]

Responsible, honest and fearless, Aleksandar is our TV magician with in-depth knowledge of all stages of the video production and TV journalistic process. His special form of magic is to make everyone at ease and instinctively knowing whom to ask what, and where – a skill unusual in someone who has actually an economics degree. […]

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