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Stefan (Iris)November 16, 2018


What the Crypto!?

If you own a startup, you probably already know that getting funding is not an easy task. Even though your business plan is perfectly crafted and executed and there is a demand for your services, you might be still struggling to take your business to the next level.

The reason is obvious – the market is pretty much saturated and you have a lot of competition. So, what options do you have? You could continue with your efforts and hope for the best. Or you could try new and, in a sense, unconventional methods of getting funds. 

What if we told you that cryptocurrencies are of great benefit to startups? You have probably heard about them, but you think they are primarily used for trading through obscure crypto exchanges.

That would be a wrong opinion. Some of them are actually aiming to help startups, rather than just serving as a means of trading. By using digital tokens, startups could much more easily sell their services and goods worldwide.

Wonder How?

Let us briefly explain this point. Say that you’re into the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, selling smart home appliances. Your goal is to get more funds to level up your business, but you find it hard because you are restricted to your particular country’s market, for example. Customers from other countries might be interested in buying your appliances, but they find it troublesome to pay you because of international regulations.

Now you can easily bypass these things. All you have to do is start using VeChain or IOTA crypto networks for example, because these are focused on the IoT niche. You could be using these digital tokens to sell your services to people worldwide, as this way of transacting is not limited by international regulations, fees, conversions, etc. In fact, there are zero middlemen between you and your customers.

If this sounds confusing to you, we suggest taking a look at the infographic below. You will find information about the top 26 cryptocurrencies and what they were built for, after which you can easily locate yourself on the map and know what crypto project is related to your business.

It shows that nearly every industry in the world will benefit from the digital means of payments, and your startup should definitely join the bandwagon.

Check it out: https://bitcoinplay.net/what-the-crypto-infographic/


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