2100news Digital Assets Bitcoin-Ether Index (NWSBE)

The 2100news Digital Assets Bitcoin-Ether Index (NWSBE) is a market capitalization weighted index composed of  Bitcoin and Ether by market capitilization. The market capitalization of each member is calculated for each asset, then adjusted to reflect the publicly available amount (float) of each asset available today. There are no limits set on the weight of any individual constituent. At each weekly rebalance, every asset will have a new weighting  of the total index, and the constituent weighting and the constituent weighting will then fluctuate based on changes in market pricing until the next rebalance.

NWSBE Daily Price Data

It is the objective of the 2100news Digital Assets Indexes to provide accurate benchmarks for the financial performance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets to investors. The 2100news Digital Assets family of indexes are intended to help facilitate communication between the cryptocurrency community and both the professional investment industry and individuals interested in exploring this new asset class. The indexes are reflective of the returns an investor would achieve by purchasing all of the assets at the corresponding weights for each index and are rebalanced weekly to account for the inflation rate of each asset, changes in market pricing, and the addition and deletion of index members. Constructed in this way, the 2100news Digital Assets indexes are a much more accurate benchmark for performance of the industry to an investor than simple gross market capitalizations.

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