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What is the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds?

The 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds is a passively managed portfolio of digital assets that people can directly invest in through the ICONOMI platform.

What are the key features?

As 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS is provided through the ICONOMI digital assets management platform, key features include:
⦁ 24/7 access & liquidity: Get access anytime
⦁ Low minimums & fees: You can invest as little as $10 in 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS. There is a flat 1% annual fee on invested assets with a standard 0.5% exit fee. There are no hidden fees or additional costs.
⦁ Fast withdrawals: There are no contract lock-ins and you can withdraw anytime to get your money back.
⦁ Easy to get started: Sign up, deposit digital assets and you are ready to go.
⦁ Cutting edge security: The majority of assets are permanently stored in multi-sig protected cold wallets, so you can enjoy the safety of physical bank vaults.
⦁ 100% transparency: All exchanges are executed on the markets and returns for 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS are available in real-time.
⦁ Trusted oversight: ICONOMI provides third-party oversight for added protection.


We seek to track the investment performance of the 2100NEWS Tradable Indexes, widely recognized benchmarks of crypto (Blue Chips, Large-caps, Ethereum Tokens and Coins) market performance. Fund uses full replication, the portfolio holds all digital assets in the same capitalization weighting as the index. The experience and stability of 2100NEWS have permitted continuous refinement of techniques for reducing tracking error. Iconomi uses proprietary software to implement trading decisions that accommodate cash flow and maintain a close correlation with index characteristics. So, the management of indexes is done passively according to predefined parameters, decisions are made using data and a set of rules.

What is your track record?

We track and publish the real-time performance of our 2100NEWS Digital Assets Tradable Indexes which are derived from 2100NEWS Digital Assets Indexes run by 2100NEWS for 15 months. The objective of 2100NEWS Digital Asset Indexes is to provide investors with accurate benchmarks for the financial performance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. With 2100NEWS Index Crypto Funds which are passively managed Crypto Funds we aim to cover the whole and the segments of crypto market. For real time performance on the 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS, please visit the 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS page on ICONOMI.

Why did you choose to partner with ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a well-known fintech company focused on digital assets management and we are excited to partner with them. They are one of the few ICO projects that have delivered on what they have promised to do so far and have earned a high regard in the crypto community. Some of the reasons why we decided to partner with ICONOMI:
⦁ Lower security risk for investors: Security is a major risk for digital assets. There have been incidents of individuals and exchanges being hacked or funds being siphoned away by scams. By partnering with an established and reputable platform that implements cutting edge security measures, the security risk is dramatically reduced for 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS participants.
⦁ Allows us to focus on our core competency: We want to do what we do best.
⦁ Our partnership with ICONOMI means we don’t need to worry about the backend – software development, smart contract coding, accounting, human resources, legal support, etc. This way, we can focus solely on serving 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS participants in the best way possible.

About the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds

What is the portfolio strategy of 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS?

2100NEWS Crypto Funds are available at Iconomi who is a gateway to diversified crypto investments for the crypto community. 2100NEWS Introduces New 2100NEWS Crypto Funds for investors seeking a low-cost way to gain exposure to the crypto market. We apply several successfully tested investment strategies from the traditional economy that have also proven advantageous in the crypto world. Thanks to the funds’ low cost, diversification and simplicity the crypto investors can easily follow their investment.
About the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds

What digital assets can 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS invest in?

2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS can invest in three generations of digital assets – Bitcoin (first generation), altcoins (second generation) and application tokens (third generation) which may represent stakes in services such as prediction markets, micropayments, smart contracts, remittance, games, distributed computing, and more. Please click here for the most complete and up to date list from ICONOMI. ICONOMI will continue to add more coins/tokens in the near future.
About the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds

What is the fee structure?

2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS charges a flat annual management fee of 1% on the invested amount. This fee is automatically deducted on a prorated basis every day by ICONOMI. There is also a 0.5% exit fee (charged at Crypto Fund withdrawal) which is standard across all ICONOMI Crypto Funds. There are no additional fees or costs.
About the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds

How do I keep track of how 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS is performing?

You can track the returns of 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS and other Crypto Funds directly on the ICONOMI website. The performance of 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS is updated in real time.
We also provide on our website changes we have made, and any other pertinent information.
About the 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds

How does 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS compare to other crypto investment?

As 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX FUNDS is provided through the ICONOMI digital assets management platform, these are some of our advantages:
⦁ Flexibility: Instead of locking up your investment in one fund, through ICONOMI, you can invest in multiple Crypto Funds and reallocate at anytime with ease.
⦁ Flat fees: We charge a flat 1% annual management fee on invested assets, which is comparable to the management fees charged by traditional ETFs. Some crypto investment funds charge fees as high as 3% management fee + 25% in profits generated by the fund.
⦁ Trusted oversight: ICONOMI provides you an extra layer of protection by ensuring that we do not overcharge, pocket any discounts we may get from purchasing tokens, and that investors share in the returns on a real-time basis.
⦁ Liquidity: If you invest in a tokenized crypto investment fund, there may be liquidity issues when you want to get rid of your position. With ICONOMI, you can redeem all your positions with the click of a button.

What is ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a fintech company that manages a blockchain-based platform that allows anyone – from beginners to blockchain experts – to easily invest in digital assets. They were established in early 2016 and went through a successful ICO, raising over $10 million in September 2016. Since the ICONOMI platform opened for registration in August 2017, they put a lot of effort into removing all the complexity of blockchain and to provide the best user experience. As an established and trusted platform, ICONOMI is one of the easiest ways for everyone to get started, and it is available in 182 countries.

Why should I become a Crypto Fund investor?

Investors can choose from a range of Crypto Funds on ICONOMI, searching by performance, market cap, and other technical parameters.
⦁ There are hundreds of digital assets that can form various combinations of digital assets arrays and present the perfect vehicle to achieve your goals.
⦁ It can be difficult to purchase a variety of digital assets. With ICONOMI it takes only a few seconds to simultaneously acquire different arrays of digital assets.

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