Crypto Market Breadth


2100 News provides detailed breadth data for the Crypto Market (2100NEWS DA Indexes, 2100NEWS DA Factor Indexes, 2100NEWS DA Theme Indexes). We can create indicators using advances, declines, advancing volume, declining volume. There are also indicators for net advances (advances less declines), net advancing volume (advancing volume less declining volume) and net new highs (new highs less new lows). These indicators can be used to create the AD Line, the AD Volume Line, the Mc Clellan Oscillator and the Mc Clellan Summation Index.

Get Your EDGE on the Market

Our analysis works to put you ahead of price movements. We give you an edge not just on the market, but an edge over other traders with whom we all compete for the opportunity. Everyone else can use the news stories and the conventional technical indicators. We look deeper, with different tools, to give you an edge over the crowd.

Data Characteristics

Breadth data for Crypto Market is calculated in-house at 2100 News using a three-step process. First, 2100 News maintains component lists of all digital assets traded on exchanges. Second, our scan-engine uses these component lists to run scans based on the price data for the individual digital asset. Third, the data is updated and published to our website.

Data from 2100 News may differ from other sources due to differences in the index components and price data. Index components change and require updates on a regular basis.

Chart Example

The chart example below shows the 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100)  in the main window and the ADV Line (@NWSTADVL)  and Mc Clellan Summation Index (@NWST11SI) in the indicator window. The ADV Line is a cumulative measure of net advancing volume (advances less declines). Notice how they predict the crypto crash.



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