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LilyAugust 1, 2018


Tokens that moved the most in the last 24 hours:


WABnetwork (WAB)

WABnetwork (Symbol: WAB) network is a 5.0 Blockchain with outstanding features, a completed decentralization blockchain with remarkable speed up to hundreds of millions of transactions per second. WAB provides an answer to the question of scalabiity facing several blockchains.

InsurePal InsurePal (IPL)

InsurePal (Symbol: IPL) is a next generation of peer-to-peer insurance based on social proof endorsements, fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation. It aims to become the world’s first insurance service offering trust to members of the crypto community when transacting products and services.

Big gainer (15,17%) in last five hours.



DACC (Symbol: DACC) is the world’s first content-based blockchain that features identity and access management (IAM) at the infrastructure level. DACC will establish a public blockchain that features content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level.

Price correction (-12,91%) in last five hours.

 AC3AC3 (AC3)

AC3 (Symbol: AC3) is the world’s first coin-operating decentralized blockchain payment system exclusively focused on enabling Content Creators, such as educators, influencers and artists in our network to accept digital currency payments directly from their students and followers.

FuzeX FuzeX (FXT)

Fuzex (Symbol: FXT) combines your cryptocurrency, debit, credit and reward accounts into one simple and secure e-card solution. Real-time exchange rates mean that you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere you like.


MobileGo (MGO)



KickCoin (KICK)

KickCoins (Symbol: KICK) are awarded to investors and backers financially participating in the campaigns launched on the platform. Moreover, if this is an ICO-campaign, then the investors participating in it can receive two crypto-currencies for the same money:

Scroll Scroll (SCRL)




Polymath (POLY)

The Polymath Network (Symbol: POLY) is a blockchain-based system to coordinate and incentivize participants to collaborate and launch financial products on the blockchain.

Last two days looks like “PUMP and DUMP”



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