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UrbanJune 7, 2018



What images come in your mind if we talk about Food Industry? If not wrong, we all know it is all about Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Motels etc. How amazing it is when we go to restaurants or somewhere else eventually to have a lunch or dinner! Who doesn’t want a hassle-free day while enjoying the delicious food with their loved one’s.

But sometimes we face problems when we pay at a restaurant, hotel or somewhere else. For example, sometimes we afraid of paying with a credit or debit card as there are chances of the theft of our card details like PIN or etc. Added to the expense is the lack of interface between processing systems. We have to be dependent over the third parties like Banks or other Financial institutes. Even we face sometimes liquidity issues also. Resulting in, processing & payment delays, lost transactions and expensive fees. Have we ever thought about solving such issues ?

No worries! XRT has come into the existence to solve these issues.

How it works

XRT foundation is working on a decentralized platform. We are going to provide a better and secure payment solution for Hotel and Restaurant Industry through XRT Token. In every sector, A customer always wants such a payment gateway which is fast & secure. By addressing the following purpose, we are building a very fast and convenient mobile app which will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Luka GlogoskiJune 5, 2018


Wavebase from Peoplewave is looking to bring HR out of the dark ages and revolutionise recruitment, background checks, onboarding, performance reviews and people management by utilising blockchain technology.


Two things that blockchains are really good at are transparency and immutability, something sorely lacking in the world of human resources. According to international research 56% to 85% of people lie on their resume. Some of these are small lies to perk up an otherwise boring CV, while others are outright made up job positions and performance claims.

HR departments spend a lot of time doing background checks and verifying claims job applicants make on their CVs and this is a great example where Peoplewave offer an attractive alternative with their blockchain based Wavebase platform.

Wavebase will allow Peoplewave to dramatically transform the HR industry by establishing a distributed database of accurate and verified performance and employment information on the blockchain.

As a result, employers will possess an unprecedented ability to evaluate a potential candidate based on actual, verified credentials and past performance, or even utilise the information right from the start for targeted searches of suitable candidates. In addition, for the first time, employees will get to own and take control of their performance data, even after they leave the company.

Peoplewave use cases

Currently the HR industry is worth around US$550 billion globally and is ruled by industry dinosaurs such as SAP, Oracle and Workday. Wavebase will allow Peoplewave to completely disrupt this outdated industry across the entire spectrum from pre-employment screening, background checks to recruitment and talent acquisition.

Company Introduction

The company is based in Singapore and has been operating since January 2017. They have an impressive team of senior leaders with deep industry experience and impressive business accomplishments.

Something that we like to see from any ICO is a minimum viable product and a successful track record. Peoplewave delivers on both counts as they already have existing commercial products – the “First 100 Days”: a new hire onboarding tool and “Performance Wave”: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals, which you can download and test for free over at peoplewave.co. Peoplewave also boasts a robust customer base of over 450 businesses, that’s growing every day.

The Team

Currently Peoplewave has 19 team members in 4 countries with experience in technology, development, marketing, product management and user experience.

Damien Cummings – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Damien has over 25 years’ experience. He is a digital thought leader, speaker & award-winning marketer. He was formerly a Global Head of Digital at Standard Chartered, CMO at Philips, Regional Marketing Director at Samsung and has a Masters in Digital Management from Hyper Island.

Phil Aldridge – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Phil has over 20 years’ experience in technology. He is the Founder & COO of FunctionEight (IT services). He has served as SME & Start-up mentor, Committee Chair at British Chamber of Commerce (HK) and has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing from The Open University of Hong Kong.

Eugene Lim – Chief Investment Officer

Eugene has over 20 years’ experience in digital, e-commerce and start-ups. He has ran his own ICOs and leads a fund that invested in some of the well-known cryptocurrency brands. He also conducts blockchain labs for leading Fortune 500 companies and has an MBA from the University of Leicester and is an Economics graduate from Murdoch University.

Other team members are listed on their ICO page and everyone has their Linkedin profile listed.

The Roadmap

Peoplewave Roadmap



The Peoplewave (PWV) token will fuel the Wavebase ecosystem and form the backbone of the utility program. The ICO is currently live and offers a 75% bonus till 6 June, 17:00 (UTC +8). Unfortunately you are already late for the first stage of the ICO, which offered a 95% bonus and was snapped up in no time.

Peoplewave Token


It’s great to see that the company is very active and engaging on their Telegram, Twitter and Medium accounts, so if you want to stay up to date with the project or if you have any questions, be sure to subscribe to them.

We will be doing an interview with Peoplewave in the near future, so be sure to follow us on our social media (links are at the bottom of this page) if you want to be notified of when it’s published.

As always, for more details and to contribute, please head on over to Peoplewave’s ICO page. The ICO is already live.

Nejc PanticJune 1, 2018


XchangeRate is one of the latest exciting projects in the crypto world, connecting and forming partnerships with other ICO projects.

Xchangerate description

XchangeRate is offering an augmented intelligence powered service platform that helps investors tame the volatile and complex cryptocurrency market and enables them to make expert decisions. Check the video and read about their partnerships.

As you know we’ve successfully reached the soft cap on the 3rd week after the ICO launch. We decided to extend the ICO to establish crucial partnership deals to help grow our ecosystem. We would like to introduce the first set of partners to you:

Pecun.io  is a decentralized investment platform that focuses on blue-chip blockchain assets with a unique value proposition and high-performance potential, whose products and services cover the whole lifecycle of blockchain innovation: From angel & venture capital investments (AC & VC) and initial coin offerings (ICO) to cryptocurrencies and asset-backed tokens.

Ligercoin.com  is a top end blockchain technology led safe cryptocurrency for Online/Offline Gaming and Casinos and access to Fantasy Sports, which ensures liquidity through regular and large acceptance thereby minimizing concerns like privacy, taboo, liquidity, speed of settlement and safety.

Rootblockchain.io  is the first hybrid blockchain with flexible options for both enterprise and retail customers, it’s also API driven, which means that businesses can reap the benefits of blockchain technology without the accompanying complexity.

Plaak.com  is a project that began in an effort to find a solution for the perceived incompatibility of incorporating blockchain technology more cohesively into people’s everyday lives, in a constructive manner.

Amon.tech  is a wallet that allows users to manage all the assets in one place, with a top-level user experience.

Alttex.io  is a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger, and a Smart Safe. It enables users network and collaborate on the go through messenger.

Dice.money is a revolutionary cryptocurrency which features great simplicity and different operational model compared to the rest. The main goal is to allow DICE to enter the everyday life as a normal currency alternative to the traditional money, while at the same time complete decentralization gives power to social groups to raise funds through crypto mining. Users can now invest in the business by simply mining DICE for that business.

We are working hard to get listed on Exchanges and will have more partners to announce.

Until then, sign up to their Telegram channel in order to stay tuned:  https://t.me/xchangerateio and join the group for questions and communication https://t.me/joinchat/F_sHmUlqhCZy6bJYcVPw1Q.

UrbanJune 1, 2018


On June 20, Georgia’s main crypto event will take place in Tbilisi – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia 2018. The conference aims to provide every participant with comprehensive understanding of the economic and legal subtleties of the crypto industry in the country.

Conference topics:

  • aspects of mining: hardware, profitability;
  • case studies of blockchain for business;
  • prospects of blockchain in the state administration;
  • regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain;
  • ICO campaigns: investments, marketing, trends;

For: executives, financiers, developers, lawyers, marketers, and PR managers.

Why: to learn more about making profits out of cryptocurrencies and opening of a mining farm; get some legal advice, increase the profitability of ICO, find partners, promote your company, attract new customers; understand that spending your budget on things that do not work is not a good idea.

Speakers of the conference embrace Georgian thought leaders, representatives of public agencies, miners. Georgian and international lawyers, economists, ICO consultants, and analysts will share their case studies. Here are some of them:

  • Avtandil Kasradze, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency;
  • Mariam Turashvili, National Agency of Public Registry Georgia;
  • Vano Narimanidze, Association Blockchain Georgia;
  • Alex Sudadze, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia;
  • David Kiziria, Innovation and Development Foundation;
  • Denis Aleinikov, Aleinikov & Partners;
  • Catharina Geiselhart, PwC Germany;
  • Gordon Einstein, CKR LAW LLP.

The full program is available on the website.


The event will be held at the fashionable Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel located in the heart of Tbilisi. Address: 1 First Republic Square (former Rose Revolution Square).


International company Smile-Expo hosts blockchain events in 20 countries of the world. Over 12 years of operation, it has gained a reputation as a proficient organizer of big industry-specific events in Europe, Asia, and even Australia.

Partners of the event are founders of the blockchain industry in Georgia: Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia, and Blockchain Systems Institute.

Around 300 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and the USA are planning to attend the conference.

Build your crypto business in Georgia https://goo.gl/f19xkx

UrbanMay 23, 2018


VR Technologies, a company operating in the virtual reality realm, participated in confirming the results of the presidential elections in Russia.

CTO of VRT WORLD  Dmitry Livshin and a number of technical specialists from VR Technologies joined the Verifier Project team, which provided confirmation of the voting results with the help of blockchain technology.

The project was implemented jointly with National Public Monitoring (NOM), the network of observers placed in all polling stations.

“In a short period of time, we developed a gateway to work with the information infrastructure of the NOM and a special smart contract that was responsible for loading the data into the block. To optimize the whole matter, we decided to send non-source data to the blocker and their hash, (transformed into a short, specific length of the string)” Livshin said.

“We started the first testing of the program one and a half weeks before the elections, sending out the tasks with a request to confirm CEC compliance of the sites. Then we received several hundred tasks and realized we were ready to verify the elections on the detachment,” he added.

Protocols from polling stations began to arrive on the system on March 19, the day after voting. During the following days, the Verifier Project team received 98,000 protocols, and their hash-data was stored in the locker.

“Our work from the decision to implement the project until the moment we were able to report the authenticity of all the polling station data can be checked through a block of flats. However, it still took us a couple of months for the public to warm up to the concept, especially since these were the first presidential elections anywhere in the world, where blockchain technology found such wide application, “Livshin commented. “And the best part is that our STO stands behind the development of this kind of high-level project, which once again proved there are no unsolvable tasks.”

About VR Technologies company

VR Technologies is developing the VRT World project, a decentralized global platform that will bring together virtual reality developers, consumers and investors in the VR field. The team includes specialists with extensive experience in VR, blockchain, and other areas of digital technology. The company’s offices are located in Moscow and Singapore.

Nejc PanticMay 22, 2018


Car owners regularly invest considerable sums in installation and maintenance of anti-theft systems, but the risk of stealing remains high, and the chances of finding the missing car are extremely low. While some are inventing new anti-theft systems, others are looking for a way to hack them. It is a weird industry where too often most of the parties except the car owners end up being satisfied.

Better use of technology and more powerful satellite systems only increase the time of hijacking but are not preventing it. Sooner or later, any protection can be hacked as no system can guarantee full protection against theft or at least rapid discovery of a stolen vehicle.

SurruS is now offering a solution to the problem with a decentralized system for searching and returning stolen cars, covering only 3% of the entire territory while also offering a blockchain based car theft insurance with an instant compensation guarantee to return 100% of the car’s market value for every car they aren’t able to find.

surrus benefits and token price

How it works?

11 years of work and more than 10 million dollars were invested in the development and implementation of an innovative solution – a small anti-theft device, no bigger than a size of a matchbox which is placed inside the car. A SurruS device is not transmitting any signal itself, so it can’t be detected by the thief.

Only when the device enters the reach of the search module, it responds, transmitting the signal for a very short distance. Such operating conditions provide extremely low power consumption, which makes these devices virtually eternal. Another obstacle for the hijackers are duplicates that are installed in different compartments of the car. Since there is no constant signal, it is impossible to understand which device is working.

Search modules, installed in infrastructural objects (utility poles for example), are installed in key locations along the traffic flows – on bridges, motorways, outcrops from the city, in garage areas, etc

One module covers a radius of only 1 km, but if you put the modules in the right places, it will be enough to track the car. Calculations showed that even coverage of only 3% of the territory, provided that vital transport “arteries” are monitored, allows detecting the missing car.

The signal from the module to the device in the car goes via “jumping frequencies” which, unlike the conventional radio communication, is constantly changing and the decryption key is only available to the receiving side. It is impossible to intercept, copy or change such a signal. It can only be muffled by a broadband suppressor, but the operation of such a device is fixed by the search module.

The SurruS system seems to be an improved secret device or a satellite system with a new searching principle that cannot be broken or bypassed.

Based on the roadmap, Surrus  is offering a finished product. Now what’s left for the team to achieve is a worldwide market acceptance, which, according to their credentials, won’t be a problem.

Pre-sale is live so visit their website for more detailed information about the project.


Luka GlogoskiMay 14, 2018


Former investment banker turned blockchain entrepreneur is launching a crypto platform for buying eternal life.


Whatever people think about Bitcoin, there’s no argument that blockchain is the technology of the future and if Eternal Trusts’ CEO Kirill Silvestrov has his way, it will soon be possible to purchase eternal life on the blockchain as well.

The idea behind the project is that there are over 16 million millionaires in the world today, and at least 10% of them would pay a significant amount of money to radically prolong their lifespan and improve their standard of living.

The problem that even money can’t fix yet is called aging, to which eventually even the richest people in the world succumb to. Currently it is a complicated legal and regulatory process to freeze your body or stem cells in the hope of eventually being resurrected when the technology allows for it.

Eternal Trusts company plans to bring together the necessary legal, financial and medical expertise and utilize blockchain technology’s smart contracts to simplify this process. You will be able to set up a smart contract that will place your wealth in a secure trust after you pass and ensure that once the technology is available the smart contract will automatically execute and you will be brought back to life or cured of some currently incurable disease without any third party interference.

Eternal Trusts will essentially enable high net worth individuals to buy access to future medical technology via a smart contract. How’s that for an innovative idea?

Eternal Trusts Market Potential


This will be no easy project to deliver from a technological and legal point of view, so the success will heavily depend on a very strong team of experts. Thankfully the Eternal Trusts team has no shortage of experts.


Investment banker with more than 15 years of experience on C-level positions. Portfolio investor in biotech companies. MBA from INSEAD business school.

Head of Legal, establishment and administration of trusts – MARK LEA

Mark is an ex-adviser to the Government of Singapore on the establishment of trust legislation and the Trustees Act of Singapore. Under his leadership, changes and additions were made to the Hong Kong Trust Law. He is an adviser to the Malaysian government on the development of the Labuan legislation, including the Trust Law, the Associations Act, the Foundations Act. He is an international adviser to the Government of Samoa and is the creator of the new law on trusts Foundations Law & Trustee Companies Bill.

Chief Investment Officer, asset Management – BENOIT VULIC, CFA

More than 10 years of asset management experience in leading global investment companies. Experience in managing “funds of funds” and active portfolio management. Developer of the Eternal Trusts investment strategy .


Economic analysis and financial modelling professional with 15 years experience. Majors in capital markets for over 10 years now. Has extensive skills in tailoring investment projects and deals in fields of stock market, mutual investments and securitisations.


Full stack developer with 10 years of experience, founder of VistaComputers, Loborato, Reflexit. Specializes in automation software, web solutions, ERPs, CRMs. More than 2 years of experience developing blockchain applications and smart contracts for ICO projects (1440.world). Leading a team of 44 developers since 2008.


Roadmap – the Minimum viable product (MVP) is already finished!

Eternal Trusts Roadmap

The ICO is currently in the presale phase and offers attractive bonuses.

Eternal Trusts ICO Details

Distrubution of funds and tokens

Eternal Trusts ICO Fund Distribution


Eternal Trusts (PreICO) currently has a rating of 4.9 on ICOBench from 14 experts with universally positive comments.


Eternal Trusts looks like a very interesting project and with huge potential. For more information please visit eternaltrusts.io.


Luka GlogoskiMay 11, 2018


Sharpay is proposing to leverage blockchain technology to monetize social media sharing.


Most people don’t realize that when they share on-line content with their friends, they are essentially providing free advertising to the publishers of that content. That is advertising that would otherwise cost them dearly if they payed Google or Facebook for the same traffic, plus they get the benefit of social proof, since your friends trust you and are far more likely to pay attention to content that you recommend.

So far, there has been no practical way to reward users for their sharing, since the fees and middle men would make the entire process too expensive and inefficient. Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and the low/no fee micro-payments which it enables, this has now become much easier and the team at Sharpay are well positioned to take full advantage of this fact.

Sharpay Social Media Sharing

Sharpay will enable token payments and multisharing, i.e. one-click sharing to multiple social networks. This is the only project in the world, which implements both of these solutions simultaneously, and the technology is protected by Eurasian international patent priority. The development of this project dates back to 2012 and is already at a minimum viable product stage.

In comparison with its predecessors, Sharpay has the following advantages:

Sharpay features comparison

If you have any doubts about Sharpay’s business model, rest assured that social media sharing is a huge industry. Not long ago, AddThis.com, one of the most well-known world aggregators, was taken over by Oracle with an appraisal of $175 million (1). Sharpay estimate that the future capitalization of their platform should surpass AddThis.com’s performance by at least a factor of two. Sharpay’s market valuation is estimated to reach $400 million in 3 years, and $1 billion in 5 years.

If you spend even a little bit of time on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram you will be well aware that every single influencer/publisher on the web is constantly asking you for likes and shares? That’s because they are what gives their content value. Without likes and shares they wouldn’t be able to build an audience and without an audience their content will not make any money and they will soon fade away.

Sharpay Facebook

Likes and shares are the oxygen that drives the world wide web. They provide huge value to both publishers and platforms by promoting high quality content, and it’s only fair that viewers are fairly compensated for their contribution. Tokens earned can then be spent on accessing premium content or simply sold for fiat on an exchange.

Technical details

From a technical point of view, Sharpay will initially issue tokens under the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, but then transition to a fork of the BitShares’s blockchain, due to its much higher transaction rate.

Sharpay blockchain comparison



The CEO of Sharpay is IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist and inventor Anton Solodikov. Previously he was the CEO at Balalike LLP UK (development of content monetization systems) and CMO at GOLOS.io (blockchain and social network, tokens x20).

Igor Karavaev is the CBDO. He is a former Executive director at the Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubator of start-ups, and also a former Director of strategy and business development of some of the largest Russian corporations.

Arkady Yasashny is the CFO. He is a former top manager for some of the largest Russian banks (VTB, MDM, Union) and an entrepreneur and investor in high-tech start-ups.

Alexey Stukarchuk is the CTO. He is a blockchain enthusiast, experienced developer of ERP and CRM systems for international companies (including Skoda, Bosch, Ulmart), mobile application developer (iOS, Android) and development team leader.

They also have some high profile advisers like Ken Huang, Chief Blockchain Scientist, VP at Huawei Technologies and Simon Choi, TOP 10 at ICObench, Fintech & ICO Lawyer.


Following the pre-sale between 11th December 2017 and 11th February 2018, their ICO public sale has been underway since 1st march 2018 and will conclude on 31st may 2018. They have already successfully reached their soft cap of $3,000,000 and have so far collected 7638 ETH, which shows great interest from contributors. They also received excellent ratings from ICO Bench (4.8) and Track ICO (5.0).

Quick overview

  • Sharpay.io is a top rated project evaluated by 103 independent experts on ICOBench with the overall rating of 4.8,
  • The project is in the MVP alpha testing stage, but hundreds websites have already installed Sharpay buttons,
  • The product’s technology has the Eurasian international patent priority,
  • Sharpay’s Token Sale is live until 31 May 2018,
  • Sharpay raised the Soft Cap in the first week.

For more details please visit sharpay.io.

UrbanMay 10, 2018


VRT World, a Singapore-registered company focused on virtual reality (VR), has announced it is joining the Bancor Network, a decentralized liquidity network for holding and converting digital tokens.
“This is an important integration for VRT World as Bancor allows holders of any integrated tokens to convert them to any other token on the network, with no counterparty and at an automatically calculated price,” says Konstantin Negachev, CEO of VRT World. “Now that VRT World tokens are available on Bancor, existing and potential holders of VRT World will have more options.”
From December 5, 2017 to January 5, 2018, VRT World ran a successful token sale, raising $721,000 with 294 contributors from 21 countries. The total funding exceeded $1 mln, including $350,000 raised in a limited token pre-sale to a group of private investors in September 2017.
The Token sale main stage has started on March 14th and will last till May 30th. The softcap is $3,430,000 and hardcap is $16,000,000.

The tokens are issued in conformance with the ERC20 standard. All purchased tokens will be transferred to users’ wallets in Ethereum blockchain with closed balance in smart contract.
30% of the proceeds are to be used for creation and promotion of the company’s virtual reality parks, 25% to be spent on creation of the platform, SDK and upgrading technology, 18% and 15% to be allocated for content creation and marketing activity, respectively.
An alpha version of VRT World Marketplace, in which easy-to-use SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) facilitate VR content creation without restricting developers to a single company or type of device, is already live.
VRT World runs a blockchain-based VR platform, offering content creators, media buyers, developers, storage and service providers and advertisers a comprehensive set of tools that enable them to generate, test and distribute content and ideas, as well as engage in all forms of collaboration.
VRT World’s utility token acts as a “fuel source” for the entire platform, being a unique payment method for all transactions, such as purchase, sale and rental of VR content, as well as various services.
The company also runs VR Park in Moscow, an “offline gateway” into the marketplace, which allow outside developers to sell their content without purchasing costly equipment, and prepares to open another one in Dubai.
VRT World also sold a franchise for VR Parks to the European Union, and 30 parks are to be open under the agreement within the next 18 months.
The list of VRT World’s partners includes Hubculture, Spacebit, Optitrack, GMT Legal and Singapore Bitcoin Club.
Contributors can participate in the sale via VRT World web site at http://vrt.world. Additional details of the project can be found in the white paper available at https://vrt.world/sites/default/files/WP_ENG.pdf
Those who will buy tokens will get a 20% bonus! Investors interested in acquiring a franchise or looking for a special offer, contact us on Telegram at @Sevil_Baer
Please, address all requests for comments, interviews or any additional information to business@vrt.world or directly to the project’s СOO Sevil Baer at sevil@vrt.world
To receive the company’s news and updates, subscribe to VRT World’s Telegram group at @vrtico
About VRT World
VRT World is developing a decentralized global platform for virtual reality, which aims to bring together developers, consumers, and investors in the VR sector from all across the globe. The company is run by an experienced team with a substantial track record in VR and broader digital technologies. The company has offices in Moscow and Singapore.
About Bancor


Platform, marketplace and parks for VR developers and players worldwide. Connected and powered by Blockchain

The Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens:tm:, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all integrated tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity networks, allowing user-generated cryptocurrencies to thrive. To convert tokens instantly, visit the Bancor Web App or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.

Luka GlogoskiMay 9, 2018


The team behind the XRT token is looking to revolutionise the way the food industry works.


The food industry is currently faced with a number of challenges when it comes to payments. For example, customers may be afraid of paying with their credit or debit card in restaurants due to the risk of their PIN or credit card details being stolen. Additionally, credit card affiliated payment processors while more secure, can be expensive for online retailers. There are also significant technical challenges owing to the lack of a simple interface between processing systems. All this results in processing & payment delays, lost transactions and expensive fees, so it’s no wonder they are not popular with both business owners & the customers. XRT has been designed to provide solutions to all these issues.

XRT is an ERC-20 based token developed by XRT Foundation which especially works in food sector. This is an Ethereum Blockchain based decentralized P2P open source protocol providing a great opportunity to the cryoto lovers through its revolutionary mobile platform.

Why XRT?

XRT are providing a payment gateway for Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Motels, Resorts etc. which will make payments easier and more secure. However, XRT Coins can be utilized anywhere and anytime. The XRT Initial Coin Offering (ICO) deployment will also allow anyone to use XRT tokens for trading and marketing.

XRT’s vision is to become the largest food chain company in Asia. In order to achieve this they have assembled a team of experts that deal with various economical and non-economical fields such as Marketing, Development, Strategy Planning, etc. The ICO has been designed to reward early backers with generous bonuses and to make the token very affordable.

XRT will provide a safe and secure payment gateway for the food industry. Here’s a quick overview of how it will work.

How XRT Works

ZenXRT Wallet App

ZenXRT will be a light weight mobile application developed for both Andoid an iOS and will enable easy purchase and spending of XRT tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, Binance Coin, Dash, Monero and Litecoin.

ZenXRT App

XRT Token Allocation

XRT Token Allocation Chart

XRT ICO Stages

XRT ICO Stages


2017 Q4

  • Project planning and market research
  • Tie up with technical experts and advisors
  • Analysing problems occurring in food industry
  • Study the whole infrastructure of crypto currencies and Blockchain

2018 Q1

  • Website deployment
  • Releasing Roadmap
  • Mobile app for Android
  • Releasing Whitepaper 1.0

2018 Q2

  • Airdrop & Bounties
  • Marketing and promotional Activities
  • Events and partnerships
  • Start Pre-sale and ICOs

2018 Q3

  • Distribution of Airdrop and Bounties
  • Releasing Whitepaper 2.0
  • Applying for listing on exchanges
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • End of ICO
  • Launching Windows and Linux wallet
  • Listing on domestic and overseas exchanges

2018 Q4

  • Tie-up with food giants in Asia
  • Launching Mac wallet
  • Own restaurants and franchises
  • Business tour in Asia for growth of XRT Foundation
  • Advanced features in mobile application
  • Listing on more Exchanges

To learn more about the project please visit their website at www.xrtfoundation.org.

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