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UrbanJune 7, 2018

Why XRT What images come in your mind if we talk about Food Industry? If not wrong, we all know it is all about Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Motels etc. How amazing it is when we go to restaurants or somewhere else eventually to have a lunch or dinner! Who doesn’t want a hassle-free day […]

Luka GlogoskiJune 5, 2018

Wavebase from Peoplewave is looking to bring HR out of the dark ages and revolutionise recruitment, background checks, onboarding, performance reviews and people management by utilising blockchain technology.   Two things that blockchains are really good at are transparency and immutability, something sorely lacking in the world of human resources. According to international research 56% […]

Nejc PanticJune 1, 2018

XchangeRate is one of the latest exciting projects in the crypto world, connecting and forming partnerships with other ICO projects. XchangeRate is offering an augmented intelligence powered service platform that helps investors tame the volatile and complex cryptocurrency market and enables them to make expert decisions. Check the video and read about their partnerships. As you […]

UrbanJune 1, 2018

On June 20, Georgia’s main crypto event will take place in Tbilisi – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia 2018. The conference aims to provide every participant with comprehensive understanding of the economic and legal subtleties of the crypto industry in the country. Conference topics: aspects of mining: hardware, profitability; case studies of blockchain for business; […]

UrbanMay 23, 2018

VR Technologies, a company operating in the virtual reality realm, participated in confirming the results of the presidential elections in Russia. CTO of VRT WORLD  Dmitry Livshin and a number of technical specialists from VR Technologies joined the Verifier Project team, which provided confirmation of the voting results with the help of blockchain technology. The […]

Nejc PanticMay 22, 2018

Car owners regularly invest considerable sums in installation and maintenance of anti-theft systems, but the risk of stealing remains high, and the chances of finding the missing car are extremely low. While some are inventing new anti-theft systems, others are looking for a way to hack them. It is a weird industry where too often […]

Luka GlogoskiMay 14, 2018

Former investment banker turned blockchain entrepreneur is launching a crypto platform for buying eternal life.   Whatever people think about Bitcoin, there’s no argument that blockchain is the technology of the future and if Eternal Trusts’ CEO Kirill Silvestrov has his way, it will soon be possible to purchase eternal life on the blockchain as […]

Luka GlogoskiMay 11, 2018

Sharpay is proposing to leverage blockchain technology to monetize social media sharing.   Most people don’t realize that when they share on-line content with their friends, they are essentially providing free advertising to the publishers of that content. That is advertising that would otherwise cost them dearly if they payed Google or Facebook for the […]

UrbanMay 10, 2018

VRT World, a Singapore-registered company focused on virtual reality (VR), has announced it is joining the Bancor Network, a decentralized liquidity network for holding and converting digital tokens. “This is an important integration for VRT World as Bancor allows holders of any integrated tokens to convert them to any other token on the network, with […]

Luka GlogoskiMay 9, 2018

The team behind the XRT token is looking to revolutionise the way the food industry works.   The food industry is currently faced with a number of challenges when it comes to payments. For example, customers may be afraid of paying with their credit or debit card in restaurants due to the risk of their […]

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