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BrankoMay 13, 2019


[13 May, 2019, Douglas, Isle of Man] — Today, Quanta Technology, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator, published its roadmap for its next phase of progress and promises some exciting developments to come. The roadmap illustrates the journey and achievements that the company has accomplished since launch, in addition to some of its business plans for the future.


The roadmap will be featured in a brand-new dedicated website for potential business partners which outlines the company’s current products and latest developments with detailed explanations for each.

The foundation of Quanta as well as the groundwork for its success is based on four pillars that it keeps in line with. The first pillar is the outstanding products that it delivers to its players including the lottery games, payment gateway and Quanta RNG. Next is its proof of concept to offer a fast and reliable gaming experience to players no matter how many there are. Third, is its role as a game aggregator to maximise game offerings by combining those of multiple providers from both Traditional Lottery and Blockchain Gaming Platforms. Finally, there is the business development and market expansion plan to extend its reach to other regions, beyond its home of Isle of Man.

“The publication of this roadmap represents another milestone that we have made in our mission to leverage the gaming industry in the blockchain era,” said Kostas Farris, Acting CEO and Director of Quanta. “We are no longer a start-up, but rather an established player that provides applied gaming and business solutions using blockchain technology. We are looking forward to what we have in store in the near future as there are many more planned projects that will elevate our games and products even further.”

Quanta currently runs a weekly prize draw, the ‘Quanta Prize Draw’, which is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and has a range of prizes and a potential weekly jackpot. Quanta is also the major shareholder of Naija Lottery which is currently one of the biggest game operators in Nigeria.
Quanta posts regular updates to Facebook and Telegram.

About Quanta

Quanta Plc is an innovative blockchain-oriented company that utilizes smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent blockchain-powered solutions. Quanta Plc owns Quanta Technology Limited, operator of the world’s first licensed blockchain-based gaming company on the Ethereum platform. Its products, including gaming platform, random number generator, token-centric payment gateway and game wallet are blockchain-powered and certified to ensure utmost trust and transparency in the gaming industry. The company employs Smart Contracts to offer full automation and integrity to lotteries. With the support of QNTU, utility token, Quanta leverages services to strengthen the customers engagement. QNTU is currently trading on six renowned cryptocurrency exchanges including Latoken, Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, and BitoPro.


Luka KovičNovember 26, 2018


The #1 cryptocurrency could soon overtake Mastercard’s daily transfer volume, judging by the official numbers released by Mastercard. This means Bitcoin is becoming a serious rival of the leading traditional money transfer system.

According to company’s public records, Mastercard has a daily volume of $11 billion, while Bitcoin on the other hand, transfers around $8 billion per day, meaning that it moves 73% of Mastercard’s volume. While Bitcoin daily transfer is especially noteable given the current situation in the crypto markets, it may seem that the cryptocurrency is already moving amount comparable to those handled by Mastercard.

Mastercardreports that it has processed transactions worth a incredible $4.4trillion since the beginning of the year. Although there’s no such statistic accessible for Bitcoin, it’s possible to accumulate it’s daily transfers. Supposably $8 billion daily transfer volume would mean Bitcoin could have an annual volume of $3 trillion, which is a incredible number for any transfer system, especially a cryptocurrency.

Ethereum, which transfers the second-highest daily volume, processed around $600 million in the 24-hour span. That would mean it equals approximately $0.25 trillion annualy. Moreover, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are also having a noteable amount of daily transfers, approximately $170 million and $120 million, respectively.

Despite having a far lower capacity in transactions per second, it could be speculated that all cryptocurrencies put together could rival Mastercard’s daily transfers. While Mastercards volume mostly stems from small purchases, cryptocurrency transaction could be worth millions. Although Mastercard’s main rival is Visa, which is handling 65.000 transactions per second, processes around $30 billion daily volume, that equals  roughly $11 trillion a year. Given that Bitcoin supports 7 tx/s on-chain, it would equal only 0.01% of Visa’s transaction capacity, the premier cryptocurrency still transfers around 25% of the value processed by Visa.

Luka KovičNovember 26, 2018


In the course of last fourteen days, Bitcoin and the crypto market has taken a pummeling, as we seen major price drops, which caused Bitcoin holders to experience losses up to $2.600 per coin. 

The price of Bitcoin has dropped below $4.000 for the first time since September of last year, trading to an average price of $3.970, falling 40% in last 10 days, or staggering 80% of its all time high $20,000 back in December. The price downturn of #1 cryptocurrency also reflected on the global crypto market, experiencing losses of 18 billion U.S. Dollars, with total market cap of 132 bil., at the press time.

But Bitcoin is not the only one taking a beating, as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) also reached lows of 2018 with price of $111 and $29, respectively. Other altcoins in TOP10 category have lost from 10-15% according to Coinmarketcap, with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), Monero (XMR) and Cardano (ADA) being the worst performers.

The price drop could be due to several reasons, one of them being the discovery of price manipulation of Tether. Researchers have found out that the company have been printing Tether (USDT), cryptocurrency backed by 1 USD per coin, without any backing. This could be done to drive up market prices, so the U.S. Justice Department launched an investigation. One of the possible reasons for the downturn could be the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) issuing its judgements on two ICOs; they had to return up to $27 million to investors, and paying $250.000 fines in addition to other penalties.

“We have made it clear that companies that issue securities through ICOs are required to comply with existing statues and rules governing the registration of securities,” said Stephanie Avakian, Co-Director of the SEC Enforcement Division.

Analysts are also mentioning another reason, that is Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The lack of consensus between Roger Ver and Craig Wright caused the coin to fork, splitting BCH community. While all this could be the reason for downturn, it might be none of the above. The market could just be correcting itself due to extreme volatility and a profusion of people investing in it.

BrankoNovember 14, 2018


»Upward momentum has a way of snowballing in crypto markets no matter what the drivers of that momentum may have originally been.”
2100NEWS is the information highway for all stakeholders in the crypto community. Movers of the Day and Weekly Crypto Report are pebbles in the crypto mosaic, added by 2100NEWS.

Snapshot of the situation

Mainstream crypto »approach« In early stage was an alliance between token issuers, who wanted to get money for the implementation of projects and supporters, which in reality were in most cases not supporters, but were merely seeking the opportunity for plenty of earnings. In the romantic phase of this socializing in 2017, when digital asset prices were predominantly growing, we could ask ourselves whether or not the community was just a fan club of the project or token that has a common interest in raising the price and looking for a bigger fool for the buyer. The crypto market was driven by volatility, news and mass psychology.

Companies issuing Digital assets need unconditional support of the general public. They try to achieve this by advertising the idealized image of their projects thru PR and marketing, flooding the community with all kinds of positive news and deleting all unwanted topics on their communication channels.

On the other hand the Community around Digital Assets (Coins or Tokens) is a sum of the technological and financial community. As we can notice that on many unofficial crypto news outlets for example Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Massive followings of this communities give them the ability to manipulate markets either intentionally or unintentionally.  They can drown out the voice of even the major token issuing companies, who usually can’t match them by audience size.

The ICO token buyers (backers) are legally considered to be only supporters of the project. However,  they did not become the supporters out of goodwill but rether out of greed and promise of fast earnings on the secondary market. When Digital Asset are listed on exchanges, their support becomes of secondary importance, and backers usually become mere  “investors or traders”.

At a later stage in mid-2018, when digital asset prices fell by 80 percent or more, it began to show that this mainstream approach for all stakeholders, in particular supporters, may not be good for all stakeholders in particular backer and that it might be better for them if they would apply more principles of classical investment in capital markets. The rapidly evolving Market, with its steady changes, also requires responses that match the pace of development.


Our pebbles in the crypto mosaic

We look forward to contributing and help drive this forward by doing what we love the most. We are dedicated to giving insight about the current and past movement of this young market to everyone, who is interested. Movers of the Day and Weekly Crypto Report are pebbles in the crypto mosaic, added by 2100NEWS, who are giving market participants a quick and concise impression of the direction of the relevant market segment or asset class.


The Voice

Our The Voice approach is different from the dominant hype or automatic calculation gainers/losers without enough depth of insight that can lead to a totally incorrect assessment of the situation. Our rational addition is based on measurement and experience from financial markets, so we created DA indexes as benchmarks, examined properties, build the environment and participants for such a rational look, which until now has been lacking.


Movers of the Day like Market Analysis

We analyze and gauge the entire crypto market. Any tool that provides insights into what drives token’s and coin’s prices up and down is a welcome addition to every investor’s arsenal. Our analyzing tools are a family of cryptocurrency indexes, 2100NEWS DA (Digital Assets) Indexes which will serve for general insight into crypto markets and measure for their current and past movements.

We analyze the market with indexes through the day and with weekly comments. We study and record behavior.


Movers of the Day like DA picking

  1. Otherwise, selecting the Movers of the Day is in some way Digital Assets picking, the ones that are going to happen are selected. As a result of the selection formed, the group has some properties, they are better than the average but they have above-average volatility.
  2. Movers of the Day DA picking is not an automatic algorithmic search, but something more what we have labeled the Voice. From this, benefits arise because someone took the time and checked if the selected Digital Asset fulfills a wider set of important properties (for example kind of market situation, according to a technical analysis of the price movement, bid-ask spread on the exchanges …)
  3. Since their price movements of Movers are very large, the volatility is also appropriate. The price pullback or correction after the main move could transfer Movers winners to losers in the next day.
  4. Movers of the day should be taken as a warning that with Digital Assets, which we own, something happens that it might be meaningful to do something (partly sell or make an additional purchase).
  5. In the Movers of the Day article, we evaluate: the type of price movement and we use the time-shifted axes to evaluate the trading status of the token, cause for price movement. The reasons for the move can be:
    • market tides,
    • publications of price sensitive information. The new exchange listing announcement cause price to rise (in fact, the quality, the liquidity gap is decreasing), but the value of the project does not change significantly (something bigger, but not a few times bigger); in fact, the price is oversold. The quotation actually causes “pump and dump” – example ADT, DOCK, RFR
    • PR and marketing information and announcements (who said something at the conference) initially raise the price (similar to listing) and the price usually also very quickly returns to the previous level.
  1. The reader, however, has to decide if the described movement in Movers of the said digital assets can be used to generate him profit.
  2. Warnings to investors, if Digital asset is on the list Movers of the Day, what that could mean.

Luka KovičNovember 13, 2018


On 31st of October Bitcoin became 10 years old and the currency has much to show in this decade. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto, »the father of bitcoin«, authored the Bitcoin white paper, simply called ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.’ The publication was then sent to selected cryptographic experts, who were among the first to get to know and develop the digital currency as we know today.

There are many mysteries surrounding mr. Nakamoto and his true identity, which to this date, still isn’t known. There were some theories, that the name Satoshi is combined from companies like Samsung (SA), Toshiba (TOS) and Hitachi (HI), but there is no official proof that this may be true. However, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin »dissappeared« in 2011 with a simple message: ‘I have moved on to other things’.

Looking back to the beginning, a short amount of people actually knew about Bitcoin, most of them probably didn’t even know it could change the financial system we knew, forever. Very first transactions were made to test the network, soon after, in March 2010 the first Bitcoin exchange emerged, simply called BitcoinMarkets.

One of the most famous Bitcoin transactions also happened in 2010, with a guy named Laszlo Hanyecz, who started a thread on a bitcoin forum in which he offered 10.000 bitcoins to someone willing to offer a couple of large pizzas. Back then, he would get 41 U.S. Dollars if he’d traded his Bitcoins on an exchange. For comparison – these 10.000 BTC are now worth more than 63.5 million dollars.

More infamous transactions were done on back-then-popular Silk Road, webpage with illegal things they were selling their users, which were paying with BTC. An astounding sum of $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were transferred through that website. At that time, Bitcoin »jumped« from 100 U.S. Dollars to $1.200, with the most noteable bull runs in history. The trend ended with two events that shocked the crypto community; in 2013, the People’s Bank of China (PboC) banned Chinese banks from using Bitcoin, and even more, when Mt Gox was hacked. Then the largest bitcoin exchange in the world, had lost 740.000 bitcoins (6% of all bitcoins in circulation). Mt Gox never recovered and the money (at least the most of it) was never been found.

Also in 2013, another milestone in cryptocurrency world emerged. A company by the name Mastercoin (now Omnilayer) became one of the first projects to build on top of Bitcoin Blockchain. First ever ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) project, raised around 5.000 BTC, what was then worth 500.000 U.S. Dollars and was a very successful ICO at the time. By 2014, Mastercoin reached 100 multiples of it’s ICO price. The ICO model burst with growth from $62.6 million raised in 2016, to $2.2 billion in the next year.

Following years, 2014, 2015 and 2016 were significant for Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies. Few major companies started to involve, with, becoming first online retailer to accept Bitcoin payments. Famous rapper 50 cent sold his albums for bitcoin though collaboration with BitPay, encouraging others and impacting on understanding and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Many retailers followed Overstock through those years, with most noteable mentions is Dell, who became highest valued retailer (revenue of $57 billion) and is still accepting Bitcoin payments for their products. Third major company to enable BTC payments was Microsoft, allowing users to use Bitcoin to buy Xbox games. In 2016, Steam, a gaming platform also started accepting Bitcoin payments.

The impressive growth exploded in 2017, with Bitcoin price boost from $1.000 in start of the year and ended being traded close to 20.000 U.S. Dollars on the end of 2017. In 2018, history was made in 4th biggest city in Slovenia – unveiling the world’s first public Bitcoin monument. A Bitcoin roundabout was financed by Bitstamp, cryptocurrency exchange that used to be based in Slovenia.

While the market was growing extremely fast, it crashed in 2018. Numerous countries have implemented bans and regulations, ICOs started to fade and some currencies dropped for astonishing 90% of their price. Crypto currencies were, and are still being criticized in the course to these years, but the community is expecting a price recovery in the coming months. Looking back, Bitcoin achieved a lot in this decade as there are thousands of virtual currencies in the market and being used by multiple companies across the globe.

Gabrijel ŠerjakJune 4, 2018


Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Dent Dent 

$0,009467 USD (15,04%) 
0,00000124 BTC (15,21%) 
0,00001548 ETH (12,61%)

Dent app is pretty popular.




$0,016512 USD (10,23%) 
0,00000216 BTC (10,33%) 
0,00030050 NEO (13,44%)

Korean exchange listing comming this month.


National award is always a good thing.



Aion Aion 

$2,31 USD (6,23%) 
0,00030175 BTC (6,33%) 
0,00377448 ETH (3,93%)

This comparison chart is storming the social media and might impact the price of AION.



MaidSafeCoin MaidSafeCoin 

$0,500507 USD (6,28%) 
0,00006545 BTC (6,57%) 
0,02023010 OMNI (9,13%)
Techcrunch is praising their whitepaper in this article 

$0,406768 USD (5,00%) 
0,00005319 BTC (5,28%) 
0,00066520 ETH (2,93%)
The alpha release is coming.

Worst Performers:

MyBit Token MyBit Token 

$2,66 USD (−11,85%) 
0,00034734 BTC (−11,56%) 
0,00435079 ETH (−13,38%)



$0,148867 USD (−10,51%) 
0,00001947 BTC (−10,22%) 
0,00024394 ETH (−12,06%)



$0,099348 USD (−7,93%) 
0,00001300 BTC (−7,63%) 
0,00016280 ETH (−9,52%)



$0,010286 USD (−7,03%) 
0,00000135 BTC (−6,73%) 
0,00001686 ETH (−8,66%)



$93,10 USD (−6,93%) 
0,01217910 BTC (−6,63%) 
0,15255800 ETH (−8,54%)

UrbanJune 2, 2018


New York University (NYU) professor Nouriel Roubini is famous for his bearish economic prognostications, but in the cryptocurrency community “Dr. Doom” is better known for his utter disdain for all things blockchain — and the colorful manner in which he elucidates this distaste.

In this latest episode, Roubini turned his attention to smart contracts, which predate the advent of cryptocurrency but are best known for their association with Ethereum and other blockchain projects.

“‘Smart Contracts’ are neither smart nor contracts: they are extremely buggy -100 bugs per 1000 lines of code – & they are not contracts as no court can enforce them,” he wrote. “The only courts in crypto land are the crypto developers’ kangaroo courts who randomly decide when to fork or not.”

Nouriel Roubini


“Smart Contracts” are neither smart nor contracts: they are extremely buggy -100 bugs per 1000 lines of code – & they are not contracts as no court can enforce them. The only courts in crypto land are the crypto developers’ kangaroo courts who randomly decide when to fork or not 

Roubini was indirectly replying to a suggestion from Ran Neu-Ner — CNBC Africa’s resident cryptocurrency bull — that Ethereum’s support for smart contracts will propel the platform to mass adoption, which he defined as 100 million users.

Roubini’s assertion that smart contracts have 100 bugs per 1,000 lines of code is perhaps a bit hyperbolic, but it’s no secret that the immutability of these programs has led to high-profile — and expensive — code faults. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee even suggested at one point that Solidity, the programming language for ethereum smart contracts, is a “hacker paradise” due to its complexity.

In this particular back-and-forth, Roubini’s critical perspective toward smart contracts found an unlikely ally in Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song.

“The dirty secret of smart contracts is that they’re of very limited usefulness and extremely hard to secure. More limitation is required here, not more ways to screw up. The hype and the engineering reality are extremely divergent,” Song said.

In any case, Roubini has long been bearish on the asset class writ-large, especially when it comes to bitcoin, whose backers he has referred to as “Hodl nuts” and “cyber terrorists.”

Perhaps his most memorable tirade came last month at the Milken Institute Global conference in Los Angeles when he said that bitcoin is “bulls–t” and that blockchain is nothing more than a “glorified Excel spreadsheet.”

Roubini, incidentally, has been gleefully predicting bitcoin’s demise since it was $58. He’s still waiting.

Gabrijel ŠerjakJune 1, 2018


Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


$0,137678 USD (18,59%) 
0,00001838 BTC (18,91%) 
0,00023997 ETH (18,32%)

New exchange listings.


$0,151989 USD (14,05%)
0,00002029 BTC (14,42%)
0,00026472 ETH (13,76%)

This token is rising due to EOS blockchain launch. (DDD)

$0,376870 USD (13,12%)
0,00004994 BTC (12,91%)
0,00064836 ETH (11,60%)

The alpha release is coming.



$0,832959 USD (8,92%) 
0,00011043 BTC (8,83%) 
0,00143498 ETH (7,64%)
Looks like deflation is coming. Last Chance to Convert SJCX to STORJ

Delphy Delphy 

$2,61 USD (9,77%) 
0,00034621 BTC (9,71%) 
0,00449856 ETH (8,50%)

DApp 1.0 Chinese version is launching tomorrow.


Worst Performers:

Dropil Dropil 

$0,005843 USD (−16,39%) 
0,00000077 BTC (−16,43%) 
0,00001008 ETH (−17,28%)


$0,180620 USD (−7,05%) 
0,00002395 BTC (−7,07%) 
0,00031150 ETH (−8,03%)

True Chain True Chain 

$2,32 USD (−8,40%) 
0,00030800 BTC (−8,42%) 
0,00400543 ETH (−9,37%)

Civic Civic 

$0,323736 USD (−6,01%) 
0,00004293 BTC (−6,05%) 
0,00055833 ETH (−7,01%)

CyberMiles CyberMiles 

$0,349148 USD (−7,80%) 
0,00004630 BTC (−7,83%) 
0,00060216 ETH (−8,78%)

Gabrijel ŠerjakMay 25, 2018


Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

MyBit Token MyBit Token $3,20 USD (41,08%)  0,00042967 BTC (40,72%)
          0,00536698 ETH (35,39%)

MyBit Token will announce something ‘very cool’ at the end of May.

Marketing wise we’ve had a lot of contact with influencers, media-channels and possible brand ambassadors in various countries. In order to tell the story the right way we are working on something very cool. Unfortunately we have to keep it a surprise for you all till the end of May but we very are confident that you will like it.

SingularityNET SingularityNET $0,160129 USD (29,26%)  0,00002150 BTC (29,03%)
        0,00026861 ETH (24,19%)

Any idea what have caused that huge 50% spike last hour? from SingularityNet

Mixin Mixin $879,11 USD (23,76%)  0,11819500 BTC (23,41%)
        1,47492000 ETH (18,53%)


MaidSafeCoin MaidSafeCoin $0,469717 USD (23,63%)  0,00006315 BTC (23,33%)
         0,01844610 OMNI (23,32%)

They announced a breakthrough in the project development.

CyberMiles CyberMiles $0,324308 USD (18,57%)  0,00004362 BTC (18,12%)
        0,00054601 ETH (13,65%)

A release of a working product.

Worst Performers:

BnkToTheFuture BnkToTheFuture 

$0,169492 USD (−8,51%) 
0,00002280 BTC (−8,80%) 
0,00028536 ETH (−12,20%)

Dent Dent 

$0,007485 USD (−4,77%) 
0,00000101 BTC (−5,06%) 
0,00001260 ETH (−8,59%)

Centrality Centrality 

$0,211501 USD (−4,37%) 
0,00002844 BTC (−4,82%) 
0,00035675 ETH (−8,23%)

Dropil Dropil 

$0,005719 USD (−6,93%) 
0,00000077 BTC (−7,35%) 
0,00000965 ETH (−10,66%)

Aragon Aragon 

$3,43 USD (−1,81%) 
0,00046184 BTC (−2,31%) 
0,00579333 ETH (−5,85%)

Gabrijel ŠerjakMay 24, 2018


Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

0x0x (ZRX) $1,21 USD (11,41%)  0,00016488 BTC (19,18%)  0,00214668 ETH (22,24%)

Coinbase acquires 0x-based cryptocurrency trading platform Paradex.

InkInk (INK) $0,158315 USD (3,18%)  0,00002141 BTC (9,98%)  0,01206690 QTUM (13,48%)

Ink tokens merged from QRC20 to ERC20 on Ethereum blockchain.


NebulasNebulas (NAS) $5,87 USD (−1,45%)  0,00079663 BTC (5,47%)  0,01036800 ETH (8,24%)

No info.


Quantstamp Quantstamp $0,178695 USD (2,11%) 0,00002429 BTC (9,45%) 0,00031597 ETH (12,26%)

Is the pump due to the fact that QSP was picked in the monthly issue of Palm Beach Confidential.

Ruff Ruff (RUFF) $0,083809 USD (−0,96%)  0,00001143 BTC (6,53%)  0,00014919 ETH (9,61%)

No info.


Worst Performers:


Paypex Paypex 

$1,59 USD (−17,84%) 
0,00021652 BTC (−11,84%) 
0,00283000 ETH (−9,21%)

FunFair FunFair 

$0,033228 USD (−13,93%) 
0,00000452 BTC (−7,63%) 
0,00005907 ETH (−4,88%)

Polymath Polymath 

$0,676387 USD (−13,92%) 
0,00009183 BTC (−7,78%) 
0,00120121 ETH (−4,97%)

iExec RLC iExec RLC 

$1,60 USD (−12,60%) 
0,00021773 BTC (−6,35%) 
0,00284805 ETH (−3,51%)

All Sports All Sports 

$0,119659 USD (−13,86%) 
0,00001625 BTC (−7,70%) 
0,00021251 ETH (−4,90%)

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