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Luka GlogoskiApril 13, 2018


For the last two days our 2100NEWS team has been enjoying the hospitality at the picturesque Mokrice Castle and speaking with world class experts on data privacy. Here are a few quick reports from our Facebook page, which you should definitely follow ūüėČ


‚ÄúThe opportunuty here, in the GDPR, is to create long term loyalty with your consumers.‚ÄĚ – Geraldine Proust, EU Affairs Manager. #GDPR #PrivacyDays #2100news

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Today and tomorrow our team is attending Privacy Days conference at Mokrice Castle. The main topic is the General Data…

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Keynote speaker is Bruno Gencarelli, so-called ‚ÄúFather of GDPR‚ÄĚ, while dr. NataŇ°a Pirc Musar is the programme host. #2100news #GDPR #InfoHouse #MokriceCastle InfoHouse

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Andrej TomŇ°ińć (Deputy Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia) talks penalties for violating GDPR restrictions. According to him, DATA is the new OIL :). InfoHouse

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We are interviewing Ian Evans, Managing Director, EMEA at OneTrust – the leading and fastest growing privacy management…

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Tim PircMarch 29, 2018



Slovenia is known as the country of exceptional blockchain companies in the world. In the past year alone, domestic companies with their first offering of cryptocurrency (ICO) have raised more than 150 million US dollars of start-up assets. With the aim of putting Slovenia on the European blockchain map, the Slovenian Economic-Interest Association, named Blockchain Alliance Europe, will organize the first European Blockchain Summit on Wednesday, April 11, in Congress Centre at Brdo pri Kranju.


The European Blockchain Summit will exclusively host the co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin. One of the most influential experts in blockchain technology, who is also the founder of ConsenSys, is an outstanding expert in cryptography, blockchain technology and software.


Guests will be greeted by Prime Minister of Republic of Slovenia dr. Miro Cerar, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, and the chairman of the Blockchain Alliance Europe Tanja Bivic.


Other renowned speakers will talk about the importance of proper regulation within the blockchain environment backed up with examples of good practices. They will demonstrate the usefulness of blockchain technology in the financial, music and health sectors and present the possibilities of financing blockchain companies offered by the European Union.


The regulation discussion will start with co-founder of the influential Swiss blockchain community – Crypto Valley Labs, Ralf Glabischnig and Jeffrey Pullicino, executive president of the Maltese Science and Technology Committee. Imogen Heap, two-time winner of the Grammy Music Award as well as Viberate ambassador and founder of Mycelia blockchain will present the benefits of this technology for music. While Bobby Prasad, WEF expert and recognized professor with more than 20 years of clinical practice, presented the positive effects of the introduction of blockchain into the field of medicine. The event will ebe concluded with a debate on the possibilities of additional funding for blockchain projects within the European Union, which will be moderated by Holm Keller, director of the KENUP Foundation.


The Blockchain Alliance Europe association, which organizes the European blockchain summit together with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the company ConsenSys, was created with the desire to connect blockchain companies in Slovenia and Europe. In addition, an interest-based association wants to provide an appropriate transfer of knowledge to those who are still in the field. With the knowledge and experience of Viberate, Spartan Solutions, Netis,, Hive Project, Sun Contract, SportyCo, already included in the Blockchain Alliance Europe, startups will have easier job to bridge the economic challenges and thus penetrate the market more quickly. At the same time, the association will be available to the Slovenian government with advice on how to regulate the legal and financial framework for the regulation of the blockchain business in Slovenia.


Event is invitation only. You can sign up here.

Tim PircMarch 27, 2018


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th, however it is already causing turmoil in businesses and public institutions, partly because of the stricter framework of privacy protection, but mostly because of the massive penalties. The concerns are not minimised, since unfortunately the facts are that there’s a lack of data privacy knowledge across most businesses, especially SMEs, and even public service employees are not in their comfort zone. To make things even harsher, GDPR applies to all legal entities, from self-employed entrepreneurs to the largest corporations.

The conference most likely to answer the hardest questions about GDPR is called the 4th Days of Privacy and Freedom of Expression and will be held at the picturesque Mokrice Castle on the very border between Slovenia and Croatia, 12th and 13th April.

The conference will be eminent due to the extraordinary speakers and panellists in the program. The participants will have an opportunity to listen to, ask questions and mingle with some of the best experts in Europe and in the world. Among the distinguished speakers, we would like to especially mention Mr. Bruno Gencarelli, head of data information flows at the European Commission, Ms. Lorena Marciano, DPO for EMEA and Russia at Cisco, and Ms. Ann Cavoukian from Canada, a data privacy legend who coined the term ¬ĽPrivacy by Design¬ę, now an everyday phrase in the GDPR vocabulary.

The program of the conference will satisfy experts in different fields, not only in the strict data privacy field, but also in the fields of law, marketing, informatics, public service and especially all future data protection officers who will need to implement GDPR in their organisations.

¬ĽGDPR finally gives every European citizen their privacy rights in practical terms, a great achievement for which all of us, privacy experts have been fighting for decades,¬ę said dr. NataŇ°a Pirc Musar, head of the conference program. All details about the conference are available at

About the conference

Days of Privacy and Freedom of Expression is a traditional annual conference, already in its 4th edition, held in the Adriatic region, this year in Mokrice at the Slovenian Croatian border. The focus of the conference is professional education, exchange of experience among practitioners and socialising with the most prominent experts in the fields of law, informatics, human resources, marketing and governance.

About the organisers

Info hiŇ°a is a company specialised in the field of data protection. ¬†The company own or co-own subsidiary offices in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, soon also in Macedonia. In the last year, the focus of data privacy has largely been directed towards GDPR, with DPO Club and DPO on Demand as two among several services offered to its clients. Ascaldera is its strategic partner, responsible for the technical and organisational part of GDPR compliance consultancy and assurance. Ascaldera is also the co-owner of Info House subsidiaries in Croatia and Serbia.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Anej KorsicMarch 26, 2018


This Tuesday, 23.03.2018,  Sacret-life organized Blockchain Summit with blockchain experts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The main focus of the event was bringing blockchain technology closer to consumers and potential new investors. Covering Blockchain technology, potential AI implementation, future and changes in the financial industry and how to spot opportunities in the crypto market.


The beginning with Andrej Zalokar

Andrej Zalokar started the Blockchain Summit with a greeting and announcement of the first speaker, representing, Mitja Glavnik. Being risk manager for the platform, he concentrated on the investment side of things. Which included how to read crypto charts, mistakes average investor makes, potential threats at investing in ICOs. He was happy to see governments taking things seriously with increasing regulation, and making the environment safer for all involved. With that also comes taxation, with which regulatory bodies have difficulty to define under which asset cryptocurrencies fall since it has functions of multiple different assets combined. However, with all the threats and dangers surrounding cryptocurrency, has the most room to grow, improve and bring value to businesses who implement it and people who invest in it.

Mitja VezoviŇ°ek¬†

Following him on the microphone was Mitja VezoviŇ°ek, Co-founder, and CEO of MoneyRebel. Explaining the way some funds work when investing in startup companies. How they make due diligence of the startups and success rate of the method. Basically, if you are not investment expert it’s riskier for you to manage it than an expert. He stated that money is not a good asset to have. Bringing in the spreadsheet with some financial parameters. Security, profitability, volatility, and liquidity. With those parameters overall¬†money being riskier than cryptocurrencies. At least the one on the top 5 list. Liquidity as a turning factor, because with¬† 24/7¬† open exchanges.

NataŇ°a Kozlevńćar

Next in line was NataŇ°a Kozlevńćar, Co-founder and CRO of MoneyRebel. Presenting new investment platform for cryptocurrencies, MoneyRebel. One of the biggest problems for an average person to be the lack of knowledge in finance and investing. This usually results in money loss and stress about the financial condition which is supposed to be around 72%. Next on the ”menu” was trends and PSD2 directive. After it will be possible to link accounts from different banks and manage it on one platform. Later she presented the team, roadmap and competition advantages of MoneyRebel. Which when all comes to fruition will definitely¬†be a desirable option.

SiniŇ°a Dagary

Last but not least of the speakers at the Blockchain Summit was event organizer SiniŇ°a Dagary. He explained blockchain in detail and in concept ideas. Bitcoin with the rest of cryptocurrencies and project tokens are just one of the possible applications of blockchain technologies. To help broaden the attendees perspective, especially¬†of those who are not very familiar with Blockchain. He highlighted just some of the practical examples that can be vastly improved with switching to blockchain technologies. Administration, bookkeeping, banking, voting, data storage. The blockchain is interesting for its fast exchange of information and their provability which for now, none have successfully altered.


Blockchain, technology of the future in Ljubljana: round table (from left to right: Mitja VezoviŇ°ek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevńćar, SiniŇ°a Dagary)
Blockchain, technology of the future in Ljubljana: round table (from left to right: Mitja VezoviŇ°ek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevńćar, SiniŇ°a Dagary)

Saving the best for last, open talk was scheduled for the ending of the event. Which beautifully tied together all the topics and was a great chance to hear answers to other questions which were potentially left unanswered in the speeches before. Participating in the open talk were from left to right Mitja VezoviŇ°ek, Nena Dokuzov, Grega Apat (CEO 2100News), Boris Kozlevńćar, SiniŇ°a Dagary.

With that came the end of the Blockchain Summit. Well balanced and informative event especially for potential investors and crypto enthusiasts.

ŇĹiga ҆tiftarMarch 23, 2018


Smile-Expo is in the forefront of the organization of international exhibitions and conferences.

Over years of activities, the company has established itself as a first-rate organizer of international level events that reflect modern business directions and trends.

  • 12 years of experience;
  • 250 events
  • more than 20 successfully held blockchain conferences since 2014;
  • conferences successfully took place in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, the UK, as well as Malta, Cyprus, the Philippines;
  • more than 30 blockchain conferences in the countries of the CIS, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, Africa are scheduled for 2018

We are proud to announce parthership with one of the biggest crypto events organizers.

ŇĹiga ҆tiftarMarch 19, 2018


Grega Apat, CEO of 2100News is set to speak at the Blockchain summit in Ljubljana, where he will talk about ICO regulations.


The event is highly anticipated and will be very educational. His speech will be live-streamed exclusively on, so make sure to tune in and join our Facebook page.

The Blockchain Summit Ljubljana is for anyone who wants to be up to speed with the latest trends in blockchain technology. The conference will host top experts from the blockchain technology and the crypto world in Slovenia. One of the main topics will the role of artificial intelligence in the 21st century. You will hear how and where artificial intelligence is already being used in the financial industry.

Speakers will tell you about:

‚ÄĘ Today’s Trends: Blockchain Technology & AI & Crypto World

‚ÄĘ Future and changes in the financial industry

‚ÄĘ Challenges in the current financial system, both for businesses and individuals

‚ÄĘ Key ways to invest in the crypto world

‚ÄĘ Challenges of traditional investment and investors

‚ÄĘ How to recognize good opportunities



After the event, you will know:

‚ÄĘ What is Blockchain

‚ÄĘ What are the opportunities provided by Blockchain technology

‚ÄĘ How to use artificial intelligence (AI) in technology

‚ÄĘ How to safely invest in the Crypto World

‚ÄĘ Taxation of benefits in the Crypto World

‚ÄĘ What are ICO projects and what to look out for?

‚ÄĘ Get closer to getting to know the stories of successful ICO projects

‚ÄĘ How to prepare a successful ICO project and who can help with this in Slovenia




Yesterday we attended an event on Business opportunities in blockchain organized by Business Intelligence Center in Hotel Slon, one of the most prestigious Slovenian hotels, where managers gathered to get informed about opportunities blockchain has to offer.

Peter Merc Blockchain Think Tank

There were 3 main speakers at the event. First was Peter Merc, president of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia. He talked about how blockchain in a form of smart contracts works in notary business, land registers, and other legal contracts and registers. For exapmle a smart will and digital certificates and diplomas on the blockchain.

He also explained the ICO ecosystem and what you need in order to conduct a successful ICO project. He also pointed out legal issues that are facing the ICO projects and the technical problems of KYC process. Then he expressed a need for more regulation in the ecosystem. The regulations will be good in the long run.

Aleksander Katulus Vidmar Bitnation


The next speaker was Aleksander Katulus Vidmar who has a lot of experience in the field of governance. He presented a historical overlook of all the basic elements of the blockchain and described what positive role blockchain can have for different types of business. Aleksander also pointed out his selection of top ten cryptocurrencies and pointed out his favourite project Lisk. He wrapped up his presentation with useful advice for someone interested in trading.

Peter Trńćek Bitnik


The third speaker was Peter Trńćek, a successful business¬†owner and CEO of Bitnik and a new project franchise company called Lo coins, which¬†specializes in selling and buying crypto for fiat. He’s in the crypto space since the early days. You could say that he’s old school and an expert in the blockchain filed. At least from the business side of it.

He thinks it’s a waste of time if you focus on users who don’t have the basics computer skills. They are often paranoid about cyber-security. He personally believes that the current ICO mania will die down and different process will replace it in the long term.

We are delighted to see so many blockchain events taking place here in Slovenia. We will try to cover as many as possible for our readers.





There is cryptoparty in Slovenia!

 international conference on digital privacy and security (cryptoparty)
Photo courtesy of Andrej Bohinc

Yesterday was an international conference on digital privacy and security, which was the 5th event since 2015. The main topic of the evening was blockchain in technology, law, politics, and society. There were four main talks and roundtable discussions, we discussed the problems of online surveillance and censorship, surveillance of supervisory authorities, the challenge of cryptocurrencies and incentivizing censorship: how surveillance business models degrade online media, this last problem is one of the main reasons we are launching our ICO to solve this problem.

There was a lot of women present at the even. This shows that the crypto space is maturing and that the women who are from the psychological point of view less likely to take risks as they are naturally more risk-averse.


Cryptoparty Slovenija 2018

Cryptoparty Slovenija 2018Cryptoparty Slovenija ponovno odpira debato o kibernetski varnosti in zasebnosti. Na Ň°tirih predavanjih in okrogli mizi bomo debatirali o zasebnosti v kibernetskem prostoru, kriptovalutah, nadzoru varnostno-obveŇ°ńćevalnih sluŇĺb in algoritmih.

Objavil/a DrŇĺavljan D dne ńĆetrtek, 01. marec 2018


The event organization was supported by platform that connects you to teams that have trained to become serious blockchain businesses wich was successfully funded by ICO last year.
Slovenia is becoming one of the leading crypto countries that are very supportive of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

You could say Slovenia is the Crypto Valley of Europe.

UrbanFebruary 20, 2018


February 21, 2018, for the first time, Switzerland (Geneva) will host Blockchain and
Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. The event is dedicated to blockchain and
cryptocurrencies, as well as to ICO ‚Äď the cryptocurrency crowdsales.

The conference participants’¬† will focus on the features of crypto economics, investment
in blockchain, data protection using cryptography and topical mining issues. They will pay particular
attention to ICO: tey will cover the issue in one of the reports of the first
conference block (differences between ICO and venture financing) and in a panel
discussion, describing the regulation of tokensales and strong indications of scam


Leading Swiss experts in investment, finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain will
present at the conference:
Valdo Petronio, Wealth and Asset Manager Solutions, an investment expert. Report of
Mr. Petronio will be dedicated to effective investment in alternative currencies.
Enrique Melero, Senior Consultant at Helvetia Fintech: fintech expert with significant
experience, implementing blockchain-based solutions for the company clients. His
report will cover the issue of blockchain economy.
Douglas Azar, CEO at Wealthinitiative, blockchain enthusiast and expert in
investments (including those in art). He will tell how investments in non-banking assets
(including ICO tokens) open up new horizons for the investors.

The conference will feature foreign speakers as well: international experts in
decentralized technologies. They include Karolina Marzantowicz, IBM Distinguished
Engineer, who will tell about blockchain potential for the digital economy, Alexey
Antonov, CFO at SONM, revealing the topic of investments in blockchain from the
veteran’s point of view, while Kir Kelevra, Head of Trading Wavesplatform will cover
the cryptocurrency trading issues.


In addition to speakers’ reports and panel discussions, Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference
Switzerland will feature an exhibition of innovative applications and programs.
Developers of blockchain-based software will present their projects on the exhibition
stands. Producers of mining farms, bitcoin ATMs and other equipment for blockchain
infrastructure are invited as well.
All exhibitors will tell about their projects in the format of a pitch session (a series of
short presentations). This format is convenient for investors, allowing them to see all the
projects and choose the most promising ones.


The conference is a part of a series of conferences organized by the event company
Smile-Expo around the world. In 2017, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is held in
Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus and several other
countries. Experts of conferences are international experts on decentralized
technologies, including well-known politicians and developers of innovative solutions on

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Switzerland will be held in Grand Hotel Kempinski ‚ÄĒ a
luxury hotel in the center of Geneva, having a panoramic view of the city and Lake
We expected that the conference will bring together over 300 attendees and 12
Learn more about the event on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. 

Luka KovińćFebruary 15, 2018


Remember when Cool Runnings made Jamaica’s first ever bobsled team famous? Well, the latest edition of the Winter Olympics will see the USA luge team become a champion for Bitcoin in what could be a first for cryptocurrency in the sport.

USA Luge Foundation has been campaigning for donations in Bitcoin od Medium back in December 2017. The team can’t wear any sponsor logos at the Olympics so the team has promised to promote the cryptocurrency in upcoming competitions, depending on how much Bitcoin whey will raise. They claim to be the first US Olympic group to set up its own Bitcoin wallet to accept donations.

US luge doubles silver medallist Gordy Sheer said: “You know, we hear a lot of jokes about lugers being crazy, and people don’t know why we do it.

“But luge is something that gets into your blood and transforms your life and the Bitcoiners we’ve met know exactly what it’s like to be all in on something that the world doesn’t appreciate yet.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôve looked at Bitcoin hard, and it is definitely a risk-reward we understand and are eager to take.‚ÄĚ

The team put together a list of targets they will meet as crypto investors begin to donate.

Once they receive five Bitcoins the cryptocurrencies logo will appear on team hats. 10 Bitcoins will introduce its logo onto the outerwear of the team for the rest of this year, excluding the Olympics.

  • 5 BTC ‚Äď Bitcoin‚Äôs logo will appear on team hats and memorabilia hats
  • 10 BTC ‚Äď Above, including Bitcoin logo sewn onto all luge team outerwear for the 2018 season (excluding the Winter Olympics)
  • 25 BTC ‚Äď All of the above, including Bitcoin logo of sleds for the next two seasons.
  • 50 BTC ‚Äď All of the above, with Bitcoin logo on sleds for next four seasons.
  • 100 BTC ‚Äď All the above including Bitcoin logo on team skin suits for four years (excluding Olympics).

The current value of Bitcoin is 7.530,36 ‚ā¨ ($9.304,98) at the time of writing this article. If the team were to receive 100 Bitcoins in donations, they would have received 753.036‚ā¨ ($930.498) worth of the cryptocurrency. There is already a number of cryptocurrency betting platforms aimed at sport enthusiasts, allowing people to gamble with cryptocurrency. It wouldn‚Äôt be surprising to see more of various currencies showing up on team jerseys, vehicles etc‚Ķ

South Korea has been booming hub for cryptocurrency trade over past year. We‚Äôd have expected more vendors accepting virtual currency in Pyeongchang province. However, according to Forbes, there is a ski-rental shop near the Olypics village thas is accepting Ethereum as payment. Given cheap transaction fees and ‚Äúuniversal‚ÄĚ nature of ETH, it‚Äôs quite surprising that more vendors aren‚Äôt doing the same.

While transacting with virtual currency while traveling could become massive in the future, don’t expect to see much more mentions during this Olympics. Although the fact is, people are in fact using cryptocurrencies during global event like the Olympic games shows the power of the technology.

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