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UrbanJanuary 9, 2019

  • Bitcoin price corrected lower and settled below USD 4,000.
  • Ethereum and ripple started a short term downside correction.
  • DEX and ELA declined more than 12% today.

After a decent upward move above USD 4,000, bitcoin price started a downside correction. BTC/USD declined below USD 4,000 and USD 3,980 supports levels. The price is currently (UTC 08:30 AM) consolidating above USD 3,900 and USD 3,920 support and it could soon resume uptrend. Similarly, ethereum declined below the USD 150 support and it may correct further towards the USD 140 support. Ripple price struggled to hold gains above the USD 0.370 support and later corrected below the USD 0.362 and USD 0.360 supports. The current price action is slightly bearish, but dips in bitcoin and altcoins remain supported.

Total market capitalization

Bitcoin and Altcoins Remain Supported On Dips 101

Bitcoin price

There is no successful close above the USD 4,000 level in bitcoin price . BTC/USD started a downside correction below USD 4,000 and declined below the USD 3,980 support. The price tested the USD 3,925 support and it is currently consolidating losses. To bounce back, the price must break the USD 3,980 and USD 4,000 resistance levels.
On the downside, an initial support is at USD 3,925, below which the price may decline further towards the USD 3,900 or USD 3,875 support level.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price started a downside correction below the USD 155 support. ETH/USD is down more than 4% and it is currently trading near the USD 146 support.
If the price declines further, it could test the USD 142 and USD 140 support levels. On the upside, an initial resistance is at USD 150 (the previous support), above which the price may move back in a positive zone towards USD 160.

Bitcoin cash, eos and ripple price

Bitcoin cash price declined recently below the USD 160 support. BCH/USD is down more than 4% and it may continue to move down towards the USD 152 and USD 150 support levels. On the upside, the main resistance is at USD 160, above which it could test USD 165.
EOS declined below the USD 2.75 support recently. It must stay above the USD 2.60 support to start a decent recovery. Resistances are seen at USD 2.75 and USD 2.82.
Ripple price failed to stay above the USD 0.370 support and declined below USD 0.365. The next major support is at USD 0.350, which could produce a short term bounce in XRP.

Other altcoins market today

During the past few hours, a few small cap altcoins declined more than 10%, including DEX, ELA, WAVES, WTC and LINK. Out of these, DEX dived more than 16% and ELA is down close to 12%. Meanwhile, Ethereum Classic is down by 7% after it has suffered a serious attack on its network.

Overall, bitcoin price is currently consolidating above the USD 3,900 support. As long as BTC/USD is above USD 3,900 and USD 3,850, it could bounce back and move past USD 4,000. If not, there is a risk of a downside move in bitcoin and altcoins in the coming days.

UrbanAugust 14, 2018


The ethereum price  fell over 10 percent against the US Dollar at the start of this week, establishing fresh lows of 2018.

The ETH/USD pair has been on a downward trend all this year, much like the other top coins including bitcoin, ripple, and litecoin. At the time of this writing, the pair has experienced a 78 percent drop from its all-time high above 1400-fiat – and still counting. The last 24 hours itself have confirmed the strong selling sentiment with a drastic fall of over 9.5 percent.

Ethereum, being a dApp platform, is eventually pillared on the success of its derivate platforms. Though nothing can be narrowed down to one reason, but it cannot be denied that most of the Ethereum-based platforms have failed in 2018. What we could be witnessing these days are people flushing out dumb money, thus enabling a downtrend towards a potential reversal.

A stronger dollar, on the other hand, could also be the reason behind the bearish sentiment in the crypto market. The greenback has established new monthly highs by stepping on Turkey’s currency crisis, eventually pushing the value of almost all the high-volumed mainstream assets, including gold and the euro, down.

ETH/USD Technical Analysis

The ETH/USD is now moving towards 275-fiat, the November 2017’s low that influenced the bull run towards the pair all-time high. The area, if tested, could invoke a strong buying sentiment, allowing us to retest 395-fiat in medium-term. However, a breakout towards the downside could push the ETH/USD value to as low as early 200s.

The technical indicators support the bearish bias as of now. The ETH/USD is visibly below its 50-, 100-, and 200-H moving averages. The RSI and Stochastic indicators, at the same time, have slipped inside their respective oversold areas, awaiting breakout.

ETH/USD Intraday Analysis

In the medium term, we are inside a descending channel with potential long and short opportunities. So, traders can make bets based on the fluctuations within the constrained channel.

As for our intrarange strategy, today we are watching 275-fiat as our potential interim support and 395-fiat as interim resistance. We will be waiting for a bounce back from 275-fiat purely because of its historical significance. Should it happen, a long move towards descending channel resistance, followed by another long move towards 395-fiat should bring us decent profits. A stop loss around 270-fiat, meanwhile, will minimize our losses should the bearish momentum intensify.

A pullback from descending channel and interim resistance will have us put a short towards 275-fiat while keeping our stop loss 2-pips above the entry position.

If the ETH/USD breaks below 275-fiat, it will bring 252-fiat in view as our immediate downside target. Putting a stop loss 3-pips above the entry position will define our risk.

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