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Luka GlogoskiMay 15, 2018


Beginning on 4th June 2018, the CME Group will be listing real time Ethereum price, officially referred to as the “Ether-Dollar Reference Rate”.


CME is well known in the crypto markets for being only the second mainstream exchange to list Bitcoin futures, which effectively ended Bitcoin’s crazy bull run at the end of December 2017.

According to Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity Products and Alternative Investments at CME Group, the Ethereum Reference Rate and Real Time Index, are designed to provide price transparency and a credible price reference source in order to further the development of Ethereum.

The listing of Ethereum reference price by the CME Group is a result of cooperation with Crypto Facilities, which is a crypto trading platform based in London. The price will be based on data from Kraken and Bitstamp, two of the largest and oldest crypto exchanges in the market.

“Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, experienced incredible adoption and growth in 2017, evolving into the leading blockchain for smart contracts. We are excited to be contributing to the strong community that has developed around the Ethereum network by providing a reliable reference rate and real-time Ether-Dollar price.” – CEO of Crypto Facilities, Timo Schalaefer.

Crypto Facilities is a well respected financial trading platform with its own virtual currency exchange and has been providing cryptocurrency price information to many large financial institutions around the world.

Kim GrošeljDecember 20, 2017


Bitcoin futures prices decreased this week after CME Group launched the world’s second Bitcoin futures contract on Monday.

In contrast to the market’s 20 % growth after CBOE’s pioneering futures launched on 10th of December, Bitcoin prices are tracking sideways and dropped almost seven percent in the 12 hours.

Each CME contract represents five Bitcoins, whereas a contract on Cboe represents one Bitcoin. The first day’s trading at CME saw slightly higher volumes than day one at CBOE a week prior.

Monday saw CME futures close at $19,100, 2.1 % less than the debut price envisaged by the exchange.

Chief executive of trader DV Chain – Garrett See told :

There was some fear ahead of the CBOE futures launch that Wall Street was going to come in and short Bitcoin, but we haven’t seen that.

As Bitcoin’s latest growth spurt appears to take a break, correcting below $18,000, investors are meanwhile prepared to buy shares in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust at double the current market value.

As commentators note on Twitter Tuesday, GBTC is currently trading at an ‘implied’ Bitcoin price approaching $38,000.  So people are buying shares in Bitcoin Investment Trust at an implied Bitcoin price of $37,592

 Markets are also seeing an influx of investments into altcoins this week, with assets across the top 50 and beyond seeing major upticks and even new all-time highs.

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