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Gabrijel ŠerjakMarch 23, 2018


The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by traded value, Binance with over 6mil users is setting up operations in Malta.
The company, founded by ICO last year in Hong Kong, is planning to open an office in Malta, Chief Executive Officer Zhao Changpeng said in an interview. Binance will soon start a “fiat-to-crypto exchange” on the European island nation, and is close to securing a deal with local banks that can provide access to deposits and withdrawals, he said, without providing any timeframe.

Zhao said:

“We are very confident we can announce a banking partnership there soon. Malta is very progressive when it comes to crypto and fintech.”

Regulators in China U.S. and others around the globe have been cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges since last year, making it difficult for exchanges to find a permanent base. Binance had an office in Japan and was trying to get a license to operate there, but decided to remove its staff to avoid a clash with local regulators, Zhao said. Japan’s Financial Services Agency issued a warning to the exchange on Friday for operating without approval.

Zhao said he was also continuing discussions with authorities in Hong Kong, but that the outcome of those talks was uncertain. Binance was among seven crypto exchanges that received a warning letter in recent months from the city’s Securities and Futures Commission telling firms not to trade digital assets defined as securities under Hong Kong law.

Binance investment in Malta comes as the country looks for ways to become a hub for digital-asset ventures. The government has held several public consultations on regulating virtual currencies, token sales and crypto-exchanges. Plans for a Malta Digital Innovation Authority that will certify and regulate blockchain-based businesses and their operations were unveiled last month, the organization will also create a framework to oversee initial coin offerings.

Zhao said he had recently been invited by the Maltese government to review an upcoming bill that was favourable to crypto businesses.


Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party – Malta Twitted:




Gabrijel ŠerjakMarch 14, 2018


Binance Coin has increased in value by 27% in the past 24 hours and has hit a high of $11. This is after it was announced that they will launch their own ‘tailored blockchain’ specifically for the exchange.

In the world of blockchain, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Thus, a tailored blockchain is the best way to communicate ourselves.

Binance is continuing their way to become the greatest exchange since mid-2017 when they released an ICO that has raised approximately $15 million, and an early user base was established by a heavy geographic concentration in China.

The Binance team has conducted extensive research on decentralized exchange infrastructure, leading them to believe that “significant improvements can be made in providing Binance users with a level of trading experience to which they are already accustomed.”

In such a way, the concept for Binance Chain was born.  The public blockchain “will mainly focus on the transfer and trading of blockchain assets, as well as provide new possibilities for the future flow of blockchain assets.”  Further, Binance hopes that the project will provide users with liquidity, an easy-to-use platform, and superior performance compared to other exchanges. As one might expect, Binance’s BNB coin will serve as the native currency for the blockchain, but the team will first have to upgrade BNB to migrate it to the new network.

The exchange also believes that, in the future, decentralized and centralized exchanges alike will “co-exist” and complement one another.   As such, it’s unclear whether or not Binance intends to migrate to a strictly decentralized exchange or implement some hybrid model, for the post does not explicitly state that the exchange intends to adopt a fully decentralized system. Moreover, if Binance does make the move to a decentralized platform, it’s unknown how the exchange plans to execute this infrastructural overhaul and if it will run via smart contracts.

Binance team

Binance has worked incredibly hard, and have now become the world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange that does not support fiat trading pairs, and frequently outpaces those exchanges that do offer fiat pairs. And is very supportive of Asian blockchain projects in general, and very trusted one which makes it a great bridge for investors of the west that are willing to invest in Asian projects.

Their statement about the progress:

We know how hard it is to create a business, however, creating history is even harder. The real enemy is often ourselves. We need to continuously improve and disrupt ourselves. We need to work together to create a better version of ourselves. The futures belongs to the new us, together. Thank you for your unwavering support.


Luka GlogoskiFebruary 23, 2018


Every month Binance exchange asks their community which coin they would like to see listed next. The latest round of voting is currently under way and it’s coming down to two interesting options. The voting ends on 25th February.

Currently Elastos (ELA) is the favourite with 33.82% of the votes, and is enjoying a nice bump in it’s price on Huobi, which is the only exchange where it’s currently available. The volume of $112M over the last 24 hours is also very encouraging. The price at time of writing is $78.32 USD (+19.01%/24h).

WePower (WPR) is in close second place with 28.53% of the votes, however the volume isn’t nearly as impressive with only $11M exchanged over the last 24h hours. The price at time of writing is $0.173028 USD (+12.55%/24h).

These may or may not represent potential trading opportunities. As always do your own research first. You can follow the voting here.

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