2100NEWS NWSCOT-ETH liquidity pool is a pool of 50% ETH and 50% NWSBCT tokens that are locked in a smart contract.

2100NEWS NWSCOT-ETH liquidity pool is a pool of 50% ETH and 50% NWSCOT tokens that are locked in a smart contract.

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Key Advantage – Liquidity Providers earn passive income

Anyone can replenish liquidity in the contracts by contributing liquidity to the pool.

You only have to add both NWSCOT Tokens and ETH at their current ratio to the Uniswap exchange contract, to maintain the same price for the trading pair. In return, you are given tokens from the exchange contract which can be used to withdraw your proportion of the liquidity pool at any time. Doing so entitles you to a pro-rata share of the trading fees (0.3% per trade) that accumulate in the contract.

About interest

The interest in Uniswap could be high for some trading pairs. But how can it come to such high-interest values?

Many trades on pool trading platforms generate high interest in the form of fees.

This interest should in theory adjust over time and drop significantly since more investors will want to use them to generate fees. With more liquidity in the pools, the interest rate falls, since the collected fees will be divided on more staked capital.

NWSCOT-ETH pool is created on Uniswap:

Add liquidity to the NWSCOT-ETH pool on Uniswap



2100news Blue Coins Index Fund – NWSCOT Quant crypto strategy on Iconomi
Underlying crypto market index: 2100NEWS Digital Assets Coins Tradable Index
Smart contract address on Ethereum: 0x8b4ad7d9f3ae46ccd5c744bbb5fbf7c4c42d7d4f
NWSCOT-ETH UniSwap likvidity pool pair address on Etherumu 0x74034274bac3924004801d00e335fc3da8c48ff5 (Etherscan)
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