The 2100NEWS CETF Token is a blockchain-based unit of value that is pegged to digital assets and backed by a crypto strategy on Iconomi. Every 2100CETF asset-backed token is 100% backed by a basket of crypto assets on Iconomi and for every settlement token minted, Iconomi holds digital assets. Digital Asset-backed token: offer back-and-forth convertibility, enable people to own assets in a liquid form, is not a synthetic or a derivative – users own the tokens that constitute the capitalization-weighted index. Another benefit of the NWSBCT token is that it can be used to track multiple digital tokens at once.

CETF asset-backed token enables all the combinations for entry or exit for any investor or user. Crypto traders and speculators can use the CETF tokens by sending them to the smart contract and convert tokens directly into a strategy on Iconomi or vice-versa. Traditional users can move into 2100CETF  by depositing digital assets or FIAT  on Iconomi.

CETF Token is:

• Stable: The 2100CETF is 100% guaranteed by digital currency over-collateralization. It cannot be over-issued, it is completely freely circulated to ensure the stability of the exchange rate.
• Trustworthy: The 2100CETF is credible because all tokens are minted by smart contracts.
• Open: All account details are public. You can view pledged assets and transaction flows at any time in the blockchain browser without third-party financial auditing.
• Supported:
o 2100CETFs want to be one of the most widely used CETF tokens today;
o You can buy, sell and use 2100CETF tokens on Limitlex.com and UniSwap;
o You can use CETF tokens to join 2100NEWS DeFI liquidity pools on UniSwap as a liquidity provider and earn passive income

2100NEWS CETF TOKENS can be traded on Limitlex.

If you don’t have an Limitlex account, you should open it.

Open an account with Limitlex with the referral button.
Follow the on-screen instructions and check your inbox for the confirmation email after signing up.
Make a deposit. Login to your Limitlex account and deposit Fiat or Bitcoin or Ether.
Refer via Link to open an account

If you already have an Limitlex account.

Choose the 2100news NWSBCT Token
from the list.

Trade 2100news NWSBCT TOKEN

CETF Tokens Swap Listing

The crypto scene is in a perpetual state of development. Evolution in personal finance is DeFi and numerous applications derived from the concept of decentralized finances. Aside from trading CETF Tokens on Limitlex, you can now start trading our tokens on UNISWAP.

Being able to quickly and securely exchange your crypto to crypto is important, which is why 2100NEWS listed CETF Tokens on crypto swap protocol UNISWAP. You can now swap ETH for CETF Tokens and vice versa any time and in a matter of seconds, securely and without third parties.

2100NEWS CETF TOKENS can be used on Uniswap to join 2100NEWS DEFI POOLS.

The crypto scene is in a perpetual state of development. Evolution in personal finance is DeFi and numerous applications derived from the concept of decentralized finances. Anyone can replenish liquidity in the contracts by contributing liquidity to the pools, he would have to add both CETF Tokens and Ether (ETH) at their current ratio to the Uniswap exchange contract.

Key Advantage of Liquidity Pools in DeFi is that Liquidity Providers earn passive income.

*What are 2100NEWS DeFi liquidity pools?

Add liquidity to CETF Tokens-ETH pools on Uniswap

CETF Tokens pools are created on Uniswap:

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