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With the 2100News weekly crypto report, we analyze and gauge the entire crypto market. Any tool that provides insights into what drives token’s and coin’s prices up and down is a welcome addition to every investor’s arsenal. Our analyzing tools are a family of cryptocurrency indexes, 2100NEWS DA (Digital Assets) Indexes which will serve for general insight into crypto markets and measure for their current and past movements.
Technically, as you can see on the chart 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market cap, there is a bounce from support for last week. Not surprisingly, tokens and coins prices were approaching a crucial support level and reversed course after Tuesday when we warned readers to keep eyes on support levels near 720 points. The support held, support zone was getting stronger and formed the double bottom pattern. The market rallied across all indexes last five days. As to the early cheer, the stellar Ether was a big help to the bulls. Looking ahead to next week it is likely that rally will continue.

Performance of different groups of Digital Assets (Coins and Tokens)

On the table below, you can see that large-sized digital assets by market capitalization were the best performing group last week. The market cap of each asset in this index spans from $60 million to $18 billion USD. NWSL100 gained 0.33% last week. Almost all group of tokens and coins are lower than they were before one week. Our total (NWST1100) and overall (NWSOI) indexes have slightly decreased by 0.49% and 0.10% since October 26th.

Crypto (Digital Assets) compared with global equity

On the chart below, the performance of the average Digital Aset represented by our NWST1100 index is compared with average global equity represented by Dow Jones global index W1Dow. As you can see crypto has performed better than equity since September 12th but last week global equity performed better than crypto.

Indexes Revision 11-02-2018

The weekly revision update both, the amount of each asset publicly available and any additions and deletions from the indexes. On the table below are additions and deletions from NWSM200. Other weekly additions and deletions this week for the other indexes from the family are available here.

Winner new member

We select the new member in NWSM200 with the biggest jump in our ranking. We can see from the chart that in October QNTU performed similar than average coin or token which is a member of NWSM200 index.

Quanta Utility Token Quanta Utility Token (QNTU)

Quanta is the world’s first legally operating blockchain lottery, designed to operate on a global scale. More than just a game, Quanta is built to be fair for everyone involved.

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