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Movers of the Day

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Brickblock and Skrumble Network. Since 6 pm Brickblock has surged by 13.78%.  The tokens with the market – cap from $12 million to $70 million USD moved the most: 2100NEWS Digital Assets 200 Mid Cap Index (NWSM200)  which measures their performance has increased by 2.42%. The others are higher than yesterday. Ethereum and Bitcoin have increased by 1.16% and by 1.53%.

Brickblock Brickblock (BBK)

Brickblock is building a new blockchain-based solution for investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate funds (REFs), passive coin-traded funds (CTFs) and active coin managed funds (CMFs).

Top movers of the day at 18:10 are DATx and 0chain. Since 1 pm DATx has increased by 22.70% and 0chain even by 36.17%. KickCoin gained only 1.24%. The tokens with market cap from $0.5 million to $3 million USD moved the most: since 1 pm 2100NEWS Digital Assets 500 MicroCap Index (NWSMi500) which measures their performance has increased by 1%. The others stayed at the same level but they are still higher than yesterday. Since 1 pm Ethereum has increased slightly, while Bitcoin has stayed at the same level.


Based on a decentralized protocol, DATx is committed to building a secure, sustainable, efficient, and effective digital advertising ecosystem through blockchain technology’s ability to realize secure distributed storage. Through encouraging user interaction with advertisements through programmed incentive mechanisms on the blockchain, DATx proposed a new digital advertising model that is mutualistic and beneficial for all parties – users, media publishers, and advertisers.

Top movers of the day at 13:10 are Global Currency Reserve and DATx. Since the morning, Global Currency Reserve has increased by 21.12% while the morning winner KickCoin has dropped by 9.36%. Generally, the tokens and coins fell slightly, but according to the performance of 2100NEWS DA Indexes, they are still about 1.4% higher as they were yesterday. Bitcoin also fell slightly, while Ethereum is 0.59% lower as it was in the morning but like the tokens they are also about 1.4% higher than yesterday.

Global Currency ReserveGlobal Currency Reserve (GCR)

GCRCoin is a new distributed cryptocurrency offering anyone the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in an easy way and with an added value.

Top movers of the day at 8:20 are KickCoin And Crown. The biggest move made Crown which has increased by 22.77% since midnight. The tokens and coins started day in green. The tokens with market cap from $3 million to $15 million USD moved the most: since midnight 2100NEWS Digital Assets 300 SmallCap Index (NWSS300) which measures their performance has increased by 2.61%. Bitcoin and Ethereum also started in green. Since midnight Bitcoin has increased by 1.49% and Ethereum even by 2.59.

KickCoinKickCoin (KICK)

KICKICO’s Platform is an online blockchain technology-based crowdfunding platform which provides its Users (project authors, backers, advisers, escrow-agents, translators, designers, advertisers) with online fundraising tools that operate through decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts. The KICKICO platform supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowdinvesting, and crowdfunding.

CrownCrown (CRW)

Crown begins with a virtual item and employment system for the technical and financial reforms. The Crown project’s goal is to become a global payment, messaging and application system, which enables developers to produce applications complicated to the latest economy and present a valid low-performance costs system for saving value, register property and maintain contractual relationships.


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