June 6, 20188min1227

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Binance Coin Binance Coin 

$16,43 USD (12,54%) 
0,00216037 BTC (10,06%) 
0,02724930 ETH (9,95%)

To celebrate Skycoin (SKY) listing on Binance, they have committed a total of 50,000 SKY and 10 Skyminer units to give away to their fans worldwide — their largest competition to date! Users will be ranked in terms of the total SKY volume traded on their Binance account. (the more trading the more BNB coin gains)

This will move the price of BNB for sure.



Paypex Paypex 

$1,48 USD (11,69%) 
0,00019424 BTC (9,22%) 
0,00245000 ETH (9,12%)

Is PAYX waking up?! 2-4 k daily volume only on one small exchange Token Store, huge spike yesterday more than 110%, their twitter acc looks dead no reports about the progress of the project, bad community involvement, so why the price jump?! there is something going on!


Bluzelle Bluzelle 

$0,434361 USD (10,20%) 
0,00005712 BTC (7,76%) 
0,00072053 ETH (7,65%)

Their CEO gave the speach yesterday at #innovfestunbound.



Time New Bank Time New Bank 

$0,038650 USD (10,09%) 
0,00000508 BTC (7,66%) 
0,00006411 ETH (7,56%)

They published a new roadmap.


Loopring Loopring 

$0,542439 USD (9,49%) 
0,00007134 BTC (7,08%) 
0,00089981 ETH (6,98%)

Yesterday was first LRN Airdrop to LRC Holders.


Worst Performers:


SingularityNET SingularityNET 

$0,186798 USD (−15,28%) 
0,00002459 BTC (−17,03%) 
0,00031100 ETH (−16,83%)

Delphy Delphy 

$2,06 USD (−3,35%) 
0,00027068 BTC (−5,35%) 
0,00342280 ETH (−5,13%)

MediShares MediShares 

$0,078798 USD (−4,22%) 
0,00001037 BTC (−6,21%) 
0,00013119 ETH (−5,98%)

Bibox Token Bibox Token 

$1,33 USD (−1,31%) 
0,00017528 BTC (−3,35%) 
0,00221650 ETH (−3,14%)


$5,45 USD (−1,71%) 
0,00071805 BTC (−3,74%) 
0,00908000 ETH (−3,52%)

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