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Anti-theft system with blockchain insurance – SurruS

Car owners regularly invest considerable sums in installation and maintenance of anti-theft systems, but the risk of stealing remains high, and the chances of finding the missing car are extremely low. While some are inventing new anti-theft systems, others are looking for a way to hack them. It is a weird industry where too often most of the parties except the car owners end up being satisfied.

Better use of technology and more powerful satellite systems only increase the time of hijacking but are not preventing it. Sooner or later, any protection can be hacked as no system can guarantee full protection against theft or at least rapid discovery of a stolen vehicle.

SurruS is now offering a solution to the problem with a decentralized system for searching and returning stolen cars, covering only 3% of the entire territory while also offering a blockchain based car theft insurance with an instant compensation guarantee to return 100% of the car’s market value for every car they aren’t able to find.

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How it works?

11 years of work and more than 10 million dollars were invested in the development and implementation of an innovative solution – a small anti-theft device, no bigger than a size of a matchbox which is placed inside the car. A SurruS device is not transmitting any signal itself, so it can’t be detected by the thief.

Only when the device enters the reach of the search module, it responds, transmitting the signal for a very short distance. Such operating conditions provide extremely low power consumption, which makes these devices virtually eternal. Another obstacle for the hijackers are duplicates that are installed in different compartments of the car. Since there is no constant signal, it is impossible to understand which device is working.

Search modules, installed in infrastructural objects (utility poles for example), are installed in key locations along the traffic flows – on bridges, motorways, outcrops from the city, in garage areas, etc

One module covers a radius of only 1 km, but if you put the modules in the right places, it will be enough to track the car. Calculations showed that even coverage of only 3% of the territory, provided that vital transport “arteries” are monitored, allows detecting the missing car.

The signal from the module to the device in the car goes via “jumping frequencies” which, unlike the conventional radio communication, is constantly changing and the decryption key is only available to the receiving side. It is impossible to intercept, copy or change such a signal. It can only be muffled by a broadband suppressor, but the operation of such a device is fixed by the search module.

The SurruS system seems to be an improved secret device or a satellite system with a new searching principle that cannot be broken or bypassed.

Based on the roadmap, Surrus  is offering a finished product. Now what’s left for the team to achieve is a worldwide market acceptance, which, according to their credentials, won’t be a problem.

Pre-sale is live so visit their website for more detailed information about the project.


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