April 11, 20185min915

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

SingularDTV $0,101871 USD (79,77%)   0,00001486 BTC (76,34%) 

There are rumors about a potential partnership with Facebook, rumors are not likely to be true just a pump news but it’s not classic pump and dump spike.

Mithril $0,201434 USD (23,03%)   0,00002941 BTC (21,02%) 

LIT lunched [ Lit App ] iOS Beta version demo.


There is only one exchange where you can trade this token.
BigONE is the exchange where XIN was traided in pair with EOS $665.206 K

Dynamic Trading Rights$0,059452 USD (22,65%)  0,00000868 BTC (20,73%) 

30 April 2018 (or earlier)  Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) Private Beta Launch

EOS $7,17 USD (19,43%)  0,00103370 BTC (16,67%) 

15 April 2018  EOS (EOS) eosDAC Airdrop To EOS

All EOS holders holding over 100 tokens at the end of Day
(April 15th 2018, 01:00:00 UTC) will receive 1 eosDAC token for each EOS token.


Biggest Losers:


Polymath $0,345887 USD (−8,63%)  0,00004993 BTC (−10,54%) 

Oyster $0,749074 USD (−6,77%)  0,00010814 BTC (−8,72%) 

Veritaseum $90,09 USD (−1,94%)  0,01300600 BTC (−3,98%) 

Cube $0,009850 USD (−1,64%)  0,00000142 BTC (−3,68%) 

Binance Coin $12,00 USD (−0,91%)  0,00173263 BTC (−2,98%) 




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