March 27, 20185min2187

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Mithril $0,269783 USD (75,36%)  0,00003400 BTC (84,81%) 

Mithril was listed on the second digital currency
 trading platform "MAX" yesterday.

It was also mentioned in the cryptocurrencydaily podcast.

XPA $0,091191 USD (19,31%)  0,00001149 BTC (25,72%) 

XPA Launches Digital Asset Ecosystem With XPA Exchange

Basic Attention Token$0,229597 USD (10,51%)  0,00002886 BTC (16,16%) 

It looks like the progress has an impact on the price...

BAT Community Weekly Update: 03/15/2018 to 03/22/2018 — BAT now approved by Apple for use in iOS apps, London BAT meetup a big success, credit card funding update, internet in uproar over Facebook & Cambridge Analytica privacy debacle from BATProject


 Pundi X [OLD] $1,41 USD (1,03%)  0,00017792 BTC (4,33%) 

Airdrop is ongoing.


CyberMiles $0,100670 USD (8,49%)  0,00001267 BTC (11,96%) 

"LuckKEY Drop"



TenX $1,08 USD (−14,16%)  0,00013562 BTC (−11,61%) 

Dynamic Trading Rights$0,069269 USD (−6,98%)  0,00000871 BTC (−4,19%) 

Storm $0,040049 USD (−15,44%)  0,00000504 BTC (−12,96%) 

High Performance Blockchain $2,62 USD (−11,96%)  0,00033017 BTC (−9,34%) 

SIRIN LABS Token $0,297364 USD (−10,51%)  0,00003744 BTC (−7,88%) 

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