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Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

[table id=8 /]

2451.png (32×32)Pundi X (PXS)    $1,15 USD (60,74%)

The token swap has started and it looks like it 
has impacted the price.

The reason might be as well the new Pundi X POS device which 
we are going to ship in Q2. Adding two card readers to support 
most card payment methods in the world. The individual order 
is open until March 23. More details here.

1983.png (32×32)VIBE (VIBE)     $0,312988 USD (28,60%) 

Most likely people are still buying the news from yesterday
 and in anticipation of announcing the deal at 3 PM PST today.

1968.png (32×32)XPA (XPA)    $0,066074 USD (26,83%)

Not much information is found about the price jump. 
But in their whitepaper, they stated their plans for 
launching their own blockchain in Q2 of 2018, this might 
be the reason for XPA to gain a momentum.

1765.png (32×32)EOS (EOS)    $5,81 USD (23,71%)

Looks like the countdown to EOS main net lunch is 
creating a fear of missing out.

2307.png (32×32)Bibox Token (BIX)    $0,621187 USD (18,18%)

It looks like these reward programs are paying off 
for the price of tokens.

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