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Adria Blockchain Conference | Event Recap

.There was a very interesting Blockchain Conference this Saturday, 03.03.2018 in Zagreb, Croatia. Although there was a big focus on ICO presentation, the schedule was very diverse. That is why so every attendee left the conference richer than he came in. From a panel discussion ICO presentation to ICO advisers. Cotrugli Business school with Noordung Hub have put together a very informative event.

Zoran Đorđevič and Dražen Kapusta started the Conference with an introduction. They then quickly passed the mic to the State Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik. He presented his vision. 

Following him, there was a presentation of the new COTRUGLI Blockchain Academy, which is an extension of highly valued Cotrugli business school. The Academy is offering world’s first Blockchain MBA and Certified Blockchain Developer programs. Which will definitely improve the quality and hopefully consequently the standards of the crypto environment.

Next on the Blockchain Conference schedule, were ICO presentations. They set off with the CEO of Tradershub ICO Tilen Šarlah, 4th Pillar ICO, Beyond Seen Screen ICO, Tolar ICO, Emmares ICO, Gledos ICO, Robotina ICO, Oxert ICO and last but not least Elements Estates ICO.

Following the ICO presentations was a very interesting lecture on Reasons why blockchain projects can fail. There were 9 primary reasons by Tilen Travnik. Most interesting reason for me was the problem where CEO’s or even companies fall in love with a solution but not in the problem they are solving.  I thought and I still do think that is a very interesting statement.  

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