CEO of Damian Merlak released public statement

Written by on February 2, 2018

CEO of Damian Merlak released public statement for backers, supporters, and owners of DRP tokens.

Damian Merlak stated :

Damian Merlak

We do not
plan to add DTR to any other exchange, believing we have already captured the interest
of those who wanted to follow the price development. DTR token will be listed as
the first token on Tokens’ platform against other major cryptocurrencies. If, by any
chance, any exchange adds DTR token, it will only prove our peers have acknowledged
the relevance of having it listed. By far most important, we are not influencing either
DTR token price nor its volume. We see an increased awareness from the community
surrounded in our story and to provide you with another layer of guarantee, a sign
that we truly mean business, the core team has autonomously vested future benefits
from the project. We are in for good!

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