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How to do the ICO Research

Here is how to do the ICO research.

Company website and whitepaper

Review the company website and whitepaper, along with any other official document.

  • High quality/ well written?
  • Factually correct?
  • Professionally presented?
  • Contains technical information?
  • Clearly articulates the background, concepts and value proposition?
  • Progress of the project / Road map are milestones being achieved?
  • Team – is team legit?
  • Token distribution – is token distribution fair, how much tokens will be distributed, what happens with remaining tokens will they be burned, how much tokens is left for the team and the project?


  • Has team forged any partnership?
  • Are they partnered or negotiating with well-established companies?
  •  Have partnerships been confirmed by both parties?
  • What is the aim of the partnerships/ what value do they add?

Google reviews, searches, and articles 

Do a google search of the company and coin/token to see what the general feeling about the project

  • Are reviews positive?
  • How many people are searching the project? Is the number rising?
  • Has the company been featured in any popular news sites or blogs
  • What is the general public talking about the project

Team, social channels, and community 

Check whether the team is accessible on social channels and ask them any questions you have. You should follow them on their social channels like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Slack, Facebook, Youtube, Bitcointalk

  • Who is on the team?
  • What experience and qualification do they have?
  • Have they worked on other highly regarded projects before?
  • Do they have an active community?
  • Are they responding to questions?
  • Are they able to explain the technology behind the project when asked?
  • How big is their community?
  • Is the community actively involved in the project and spreading the name?
  • How many people are talking about the project on the social channels? How many #(hashtags) does the project have on social media?
  • Is the community supportive, and positive on the project?
  • Is there any influencer talking about the project (hyping it)?

Questions you should ask yourself

Make sure you can answer all of these questions before you make any decision regards the project.

  • Do I understand the project
  • Does the coin/token have a clear use case? What is the Value of the project in a real-world use case?
  • Has the team been visible and responding to the community?
  • Do I truly see that this project has a future?
  • What is the Buissnies sector they are targeting (market worth) (needs for the project) (competition), innovation in the space?
  • Is there anything at all about the project that makes you feel uneasy?

When you decide to invest in ICO you should 

  • Whitelist your self a few weeks before the project   
  • Prepare your documents and get ready for KYC verification
  • Buy Etherium or the cryptocurrency used for investment in the project
  • Allways be sure you send your ETH from Myethwallet if you use the exchange wallet you won’t get the tokens of the project you invested in.
  • Be sure you use enough GAS, so your deposit will be mined in the first block of processing transactions to the Smart contract you deposited, there is a lot of disappointed investors who don’t get true because of too small GAS fee, so don’t be stingy with your GAS tip
  • And be ready the minute the ICO opens, to push the button! God ICO can reach the hard cap in 1min!



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