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Great news for crypto market

In recent times there wasn’t much good news on the horizon for the crypto market. We are going through deleveraging phase, so FUD is going to be expected. The market isn’t as volatile as we were used to. With big projects failing people are losing their life savings.

In the mix of all these things, some numbers call for a more optimistic view.

Would you like to guess which website is the number one finance website right now?

Let me give you a hint with introducing the one which dominated finances until December ’17
finance.yahoo.com. The primary domain was launched in 1995 at best times for IT. Before the Dotcom bubble burst every company who went public, its stock doubled in the first day of trading. What was more impressive is that theysurvived the Dotcom bubble and now they are well-established company/website with a steady number of 150M monthly visitors. This number hasn’t much changed in the last six months. Which shows how well positioned they are in the market.

The reason I am writing all of this is to get a scope of how big of an achievement this is.

If you said coinmarketcap.com you would be correct.

The website which is primarily used to check the state of the market and prices of the currencies and crypto projects. But one can go much deeper than that.
It’s one of the best websites for info on the existing cryptocurrencies and other crypto projects. Within a couple of mouse clicks, you can get information on how many people are contributing code and how much of it. Size and engagement of their community, philosophy and general idea/s of the project and which problem it’s solving, the team behind the project, progress of the project and more.

It’s truly an overall great site and it deserves its place on the top.

However the good news does not end here.(coinmarketcap.com) rose more than 200% (from 91.8M to 286.5M) in only last three months of the past year.Consequently surpassing finance.yahoo.com monthly traffic numbers by more than 90% (from 148M to 286.5M). This number got even bigger in January with 355M in traffic in only 22days.




This is great news! It shows that interest of people in cryptocurrency is getting stronger and when the deleveraging phase is over. Crypto market is going to be stronger than ever.

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