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Guest authorNovember 27, 2019

First Licensed Blockchain Lottery Provider Joins SiGMA to Showcase its Blockchain Gaming Solutions


[27th , Nov, 2019, Douglas, Isle of Man] — Quanta Technology, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator is heading to Malta hot after its successful showing at Singapore’s Blockshow Asia. Quanta will be exhibiting at SiGMA 2019 in Malta between 27th-29th November. If you are attending the event and are interested in how blockchain can be utilised in gaming please visit us at BR70. We will also be talking about the role of blockchain in fintech and payments at Tech Giants, Payment Solutions & Emerging Markets on 28th at 11:30-11:50.


Quanta is an innovative technology company that utilizes smart contracts to ensure fully automated and transparent blockchain-powered solutions. Quanta has built and operates the world’s first licensed blockchain-based lottery platform with plans to expand the reach of its products and services.


Satoshi Okubo, Marketing Manager: “Quanta is looking to establish its blockchain-based lottery and gaming solutions in markets and verticals that can most benefit from the characteristics of blockchain, whilst working seamlessly with traditional technologies. It is the beginning of our journey and we have big ambitions, seeing applications in high volume / low value markets that will leapfrog mature markets in their adoption of new technologies.”

Quanta’s blockchain-based random number generator, RANDAO, was rigorously tested and subsequently certified by NMi (now part of GLI). Quanta continues to expand its blockchain-based lottery solutions and is broadening its reach into other parts of the gaming ecosystem. Quanta is expanding its interest in Africa and plans to add new partners and markets to its established operations in Nigeria.


Press release


UrbanJuly 24, 2018


Enthusiasm for blockchain technology in businesses and organizations continues to gather steam, with global spending on blockchain solutions expected to rise almost tenfold between 2018 and 2022.

According to market research firm International Data Corporation, the global expenditure on blockchain is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 73.2% to reach a figure of $11.7 billion in 2022. This year, $1.5 billion is expected to be spent on these solutions.


Worldwide Spending on Forecast to Reach $11.7 Billion in 2022. Learn more: 

The biggest investments in this technological field will be made in the United States, with the world’s largest economy grabbing 36% of the global spending throughout the five-year period. Western Europe will be the next biggest beneficiary, followed by China. Countries in the Asia Pacific region will also see significant investments in blockchain.

Fastest Blockchain Growth Rate

Japan blockchain
Japan is expected to see DLT investments grow at a faster rate than any other country, though the largest overall investment will remain in the United States.

On a country-by-country basis, per the IDC report, the fastest compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) will be witnessed in Japan where the CAGR will be 108.7% during the forecast period. Canada will enjoy the second-fastest growth in blockchain spending, with the CAGR hitting 86.7%.

Worldwide, most of the spending on distributed ledger technology (DLT) will flow to the financial sector, with this year seeing an expected $552 million spent in this field. The distribution and services sector will occupy the second position, with the manufacturing and resources sector coming in third. This year, the former is expected to record blockchain investments totaling $379 million, while the latter will see spending of approximately $334 million.

DLT Spending: Industry and Use Cases

Industries which are expected to enjoy the fastest growth with regards to blockchain investments include process manufacturing, which will see a compound annual growth rate of 78.8%. Professional services will enjoy a CAGR of 77.7%, while the banking sector will see a CAGR of 74.7%.

In the financial sector, the use case that will witness the largest amount of DLT spending will be cross-border payments and settlements, with $193 million expected to be invested this year. Amounts totaling $148 million are expected to be invested in trade finance and post-trade transaction settlements, another use case of blockchain in the financial sector.

Lot or lineage provenance, one of the use cases of blockchain technology in the manufacturing and resources sector and the distribution and services sector, will record DLT investments totaling $160 million this year.

Reducing Costs, Enhancing Efficiency

The efficiencies and cost-effectiveness that blockchain solutions could bring about in the manufacturing and resources sector, as well as in the distribution and services sector, have been cited as part of the reason for the rapid adoption of the technology.

“We continue to see the greatest spending and growth for blockchain around lot lineage and asset and goods management. Highly visible scandals combined with complex supply chains and incomplete information set the stage for investments and projects in these areas,” IDC’s Customer Insights and Analysis program vice president, Jessica Goepfert, said.

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