In the past week, the NWST1100 soared by 10.97%. The index has moved to upper Bollinger.  Folgory (FLG) Token is the NWSL100 crypto index member which made the biggest jump in our ranking last two weeks.

*We gauge the crypto market breadth and direction of the market by showing charts 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which represent the top 1100 Digital Assets. The chart overwhelmed with information is at first glance difficult to read but on the chart is the most important price information, important decisive price levels, momentum, volume of trading, and crypto market breadth. 

In the previous report, it was said, for the past week our assumption had been: a (10%) move up to upper Bollinger was more likely. On the NWST1100 chart above, we can see, the index has moved to upper Bollinger.

Looking ahead to the next week: The indicators give us the following signals: we can see that RSI is 73 – bullish and oversold, PPO histogram bars could continue sloping positively in the next few days. PPO histogram and RSI show us the most important thing – momentum rhythm. It is likely to pick up stronger upside momentum. The Breadth indicators could continue rising. Currently, bulls appear to have momentum on their side. This set up is the basis for my opinion: the target will be near 900 points, so (9%) move up to R1  is more likely. In the bearish scenario: NWST1100 could test the support near 800 points (-3%).

Performance of different groups of Digital Assets (Coins and Tokens)

Looking at the table, you can see confirmation, by investing long in crypto you have most likely made money in the last three months. The total (NWST1100) index soared by 10.97% in the past week.

Crypto (Digital Assets) compared with global equity

On the chart below, the performance of the average Digital Aset represented by our NWST1100 index is compared with the average global equity represented by Dow Jones global index W1Dow. In the second half of the last year, crypto has fallen over 50% vs. global equity. Last month NWST1100 vs. W1Dow rebounded, average crypto vs. W1Dow has soared by 37% on the year.

Indexes Revision 1-31-2020

The Bi-weekly revision update both, the amount of each asset publicly available and any additions and deletions from the indexes. On the tables below there are additions and deletions from NWSL100, and NWSM200. As we can see on the tables Folgory Coin, Steem, GlitzKoin… have improved their rankings they were added to NWSL100 and deleted from NWSM200. LUNA, Digitex Futures, Enigma … were deleted from NWSL100. They are new members of NWSM200. New mid-caps are Multi-collateral DAI, Terra, Yap Stone. Other additions and deletions this week for the other indexes from the family are available in each index presentation.

Winner member

We select the member in the NWSL100 crypto index with the biggest jump in our ranking. Considering an investor’s point of view, peer comparison should be efficient and effective. To make appropriate peer comparison we gauged the Folgory(FLG) with 2100NEWS Digital Assets 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100). Looking at the chart below, at the top we can see the FLG vs. NWSL100, in the middle of the chart is the original FLG price, at the bottom of the chart are NWSL100 and correlation between  FLG and NWSL100. Purple area graph shows, FLG has beaten NWSL100, it has surged by 734% vs. NWSL100 in the last month. However, the correlation graph gives us an explanation that the correlation in the last month is strong. It has been an ordinary representative of the NWSL100 index in terms of price changes. 

Folgory Coin Folgory Coin (FLG) Website: https://www.folgory.com/

FLG Large-cap Ethereum based token is 65th in the 2100NEWS ranking. It is an Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100

2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: WEAK: 6.9 (Average for Large caps: 13.4)

Over the past week, the average market cap was 160.6 million $, average daily volume was 3.1 million $.

Folgory is the native asset of the Folgory exchange. Folgory allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from a fiat wallet using EUR / USD / GBP or by bank transfer or credit card, all in real-time. You can also take full control of your tokens and collectibles by storing them on your own device or use the Folgory blockchain to create your token, and automatically list it on our trading exchange. the first financial services with IBAN European Wallet to all users and way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an easy way.


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